Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I...

Woke up at 8ish, Jett was squealing. Matt had to poke me a bit and remind me that the longer I lingered, the higher the chances would be that Jude would wake up. Made a bottle, changed the baby and took him back to bed. Fed him / dozed until ... sometime? It was freezing in the house today, the oil tank ran out.

We all ended up down stairs together. Matt took Jude in the shower with him and fed him breakfast. I gave Jett another bottle. Two couriers came, one with a box of baby food and one with a box of bath and body products for reviews. We played around and tried the baby food. I tidied up a wee bit, mostly picking up the mess Matt left in his flurry of getting ready. Broke my favorite mirror by tossing a laundry basket full of clothes down the stairs.

I did today's blog posts which should have been done yesterday, but I somehow lost a couple and couldn't make myself do them over. Blogging in the morning always throws me off and puts me behind. In between the coding was a lot of baby/toddler stuff (in between everything, or rather, everything else is between the baby/toddler stuff). A couple explosive poops. Made a to-do list.

We all played, and watched Kipper on netflix. I made bagel sandwiches for lunch with banana bread (Jett got cereal). I vacuumed, emptied all of the garbages, unpacked 3 boxes of books, and wiped down the tv stand/coffee table/exersaucer. Jude took a bath. Jude played, drew me some beautiful art. We danced.

Jude took a nap. I tucked him in with his blankey, sippy cup, and radiohead cd. Jett had an explosive poop (fml) that resulted in bathtime, where he splashed around for the first time ever. He babbled all day and did this funny little move that looked like a dog lifting it's leg to pee. He took a couple naps throughout the day.

I drew a giveaway winner, answered a bunch of emails. Put a roast in the oven (with cabbage and bacon). I put up a new sponsor, and looked at google reader. Normally I would have google reader open first thing... but being behind on my posts.. it goes on the backburner. I entered a few giveaways. Made sure to tweet some things from sponsors or companies I'm currently working with. I took some pictures and emailed a friend, tried and failed to catch up with my facebook inbox.

I did a few dishes, put them away. We've been sorting the house out for a flea market trip, so I organized a few things related to that. Did a bunch of thinking/emailing in regards to how we're going to come up with a logo for the roller derby league. I've been spray painting some things for the last two days in the back porch, putting coats on them at various times of the day. A good friend called to arrange a surprise visit. I uploaded pics to flickr and contacted all the people I blogged about today.

I cut the roast up, made scalloped potatoes for the side dish while dancing. Matt came home but left to get heating oil. He brought some groceries I had asked for and an SD card to replace the one Jude broke yesterday. I put more dishes away, played with the baby. Jude slept extra long. Matt ate, woke Jude up, fed him. I read a few parts of an astrology book. I had chocolate turtles for supper.

I wrote this post. Jett is asleep on my lap right now with a bottle in his mouth. So far I have crossed 7 things off of my to-do list.

Tonight I will...

Write tomorrow's blog posts, and two giveaway posts. I will not fuck this up today. I am going to watch a band tomorrow night with Kara so I don't have time to waste. Matt will put Jude to bed. We will catch up on our days.

I will take a shower, maybe shave the leg I missed the other day when we ran out of hot water (but probably not). I will browse some models and make my selections for an upcoming project. I will type up an interview w/ an old makeup artist friend for the PCF birthday party.

I will lose my head in some music with my headphones on. Hopefully I will talk to my best friend. I will sleep, around 3am.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in my bag?

Mixed CD Tracklist
Walmart Receipt
Lancome Powder Foundation
2 red candies
3 mac lip glosses
1 clinique lipstick
love charlie business card
broken necklace cameo

Wristlet from Lemonade Accessories

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lettuce Wraps Recipe

I made some asian style lettuce wraps for a potluck recently (I didn't go, but my food made it!) and was asked a few times for the recipe :) excuse me for my bad recipe writing skills... I am not a very exact cook.


1/2 cabbage
3 grated carrots
a bunch of frozen edamame
hoisin sauce
chowmein noodles (I used this recipe for gluten free noodles)
chicken drumsticks
thai chili sauce
frozen asian vegetables (baby corn, pea pods)
head of iceburg lettuce

Shred the carrot and cabbage with a cheese grater into a large bowl. Add the frozen veggies and hoisin sauce to taste.

Put the chicken in the oven with the chili sauce on it. Put small pieces of chicken in the bowl. No skin etc.

Cook your noodles if you're using the recipe above. You can cook them at the same time or later, just don't add them to the filling until you're ready to eat them. The filling tastes better if it sits overnight in the fridge.

Put the junk inside the lettuce ;D eat it!

lol.. enjoy :) you can put in whatever you like, I never make these the same .. mushrooms are good, tiny red peppers, different meats.. :) this is fun for parties.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Check it out!

Just quickie photo post, this is my friend wearing a custom hairpiece I made her last year! Photo taken by another talented friend - Aimee Power.


Doesn't she just look *so* gorgeous in the field? AhhH!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a day in my life...

this is just s list of my day in order..sorry for the boring text only post

- wake up, get dressed. grab jude, change him, grab baby and change him too. Take both boys downstairs, make a bottle and breakfast. Sometimes Matt wakes up with Jude a bit earlier and makes him breakfast if he is working a later shift.

- feed baby, Jude watches cartoons and drinks a sippy cup/eats breakfast and lays on his pillow. He likes to lay around when he first wakes up. I post something on twitter/facebook like a good morning, or something like that. I do my blogging while I feed the baby. I try to have the content for blog posts at least somewhat lines up before hand or it just takes too long, especially one handed html coding.

- I have google reader open all day and so I get going on that.. read some posts while blogging, tweet links. I HTML code 5-6 blog posts. Then after I code the blog posts I upload a photo to flickr for each of them. I have it set so that my blog feeds automatically to both facebook and twitter each time something is posted so that saves me time. As I'm doing this I am up about every 5 minutes tidying things or doing things with Jude like playing trucks or cutting and pasting things. Jude runs around a lot or plays with toys. He likes trucks and cars and things that he can push or ride. He also likes to go on our deck if it's warm enough outside.

- After my blogs are posted, I check emails. Well, technically, I'm checking emails all day. I have tweetdeck, flickr, facebook, etsy, and hotmail open at all times. I don't have a phone so most people contact me to make plans through twitter or facebook. Anyways, I use this time to respond to things, make any changes to the website. It's a lot of work to stay on top of everything, so it has to be constant. I make it work by checking 2-3 things in between a chore or giving either child attention. When feeding the baby I have to be sitting so I take advantage of that time to do "internet stuff", with one hand.

- I make lunch for Jude and I and we eat together and usually watch videos of yo gabba gabba on the computer or he runs around, lol. Sometimes my mom stops over on her work lunch break to eat with us.

- This usually takes us to nap time, for Jude. He sleeps for about 3 hours. I change him and put him down and we read a story and spend a little time together. If Jett is asleep I will either take or edit product photos, make product, pack and ship, or anything else little hands should not get into. I also do the bulk of my chores at this time like doing the dishes and picking up the house in general. I also try to squeeze in a shower if possible. I'm still tweeting and checking google reader and facebook during this. If I'm feeling naughty sometimes I take a nap. Sometimes friends pop in during the day.

- Jude wakes up, I change him, lays down on his pillow with a sippy again. I start cooking supper. Jude usually watches me or plays around me. I somtimes fit a bath into here. Baths come when they are needed during the day.

- Matt comes home, eats supper. I clean up after that. He takes over with Jude and plays with him and puts him to bed. I take care of the baby for most of the night while watching tv/responding to more emails/doing things I can get done from the couch. We talk about our days and spend time together. Matt watches sports or plays xbox. After Jett falls asleep around 11pm I am finally free to do something like more chores, read, or work on product photos/listing. Still tweeting, still facebooking. I try to fit in some me time after the kids are asleep, but it's hard because there is always still so much to do. I'm usually up until 2-3am.

- Wake up between 9-10 am and start all over again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Curry with Leftovers from Yesterday!

Easy, peasy. You need;

Crushed Tomatoes
Curry Powder
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder
Canned Mushrooms
A little milk

I had 1/2 cans each chick peas and crushed tomatoes left from yesterday's supper, so I threw them together in one can and added my curry powder and let it sit until lunch today.

I mixed all ingredients together in a wok, and cooked for about 10 minutes. Served on top of some minute rice. So easy, 2 yr old loved it too. You could put in whatever veggies you like too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another yummy recipe!

We eat a lot of "noodle caboodle" here... which is basically any pasta dish. Here's the recipe for Wednesdays noodle caboodle.

You Need:

Pasta Sauce in a Jar
Any other spice you like

First, I toasted my fennel, chilis, garlic, and pepper in a pan for a minute. Then I mixed the spices in with the hamburger and made meatballs.

Put pasta on to boil.

Cooked Meatballs and Onions in a pan. Poured grease off halfway through (keep a little) and add the chickpeas. Cook 5 min or so longer. Add your Jar sauce, cook until boiled.

Drain your pasta and mix with meatballs/sauce. Pat down into caserole dish, top with cheese. Bake.


Christmas Lovely..

I splurged and bought this for my door.

The Christmas Potluck is going to be at my place this year, so I need to do shit right. I'm going to have 3 trees.

Let's Get Real

I've started to notice lately that the blogging trend these days is "It's a Wonderful Life" .. what do I mean by that?? Well, some of the blogs I'm reading just seem so fake, or impersonal. Well, yes, that is your impeccably styled home (and hair-do!) but is that *really* you? How long did that take to put together? Is it really an accurate picture of your life?

I don't know about you guys.. but as much as I enjoy eye candy, I just can't get invested in these "perfect" blogs. To me, the internet (and life) is all about relationships, and that kind of thing is just relationship-less! How can I relate on a personal level to perfect hair? I can't.. (I'm sitting here typing this with hair that I last washed... uh... when?) can you? I might just end up beating myself up over the fact that I can't achieve it.

Don't get me wrong - I love a beautifully styled blog and I strive for a beautifully styled life as well, but how much is realistic? I LIKE to know that other people struggle to keep their home clean, or that other mamas don't have time to curl their hair and put on makeup (there's poop on my shirt right now). I bet a whole bunch of you have dishes sitting in your sink RIGHT NOW. I love the imperfectness of humanity. We are naturally imperfect. I'm not sure where all this idealism came from.. I know it's not new.. but geez, aren't we tired of it yet?

The internet makes it easy for us to hide our shortcomings, but it also makes it far easier to connect with people on a level that we can't always reach in real life. We can share our thoughts and feelings so easily. Why can't we be more real? This isn't a show we're putting on, people! :P For a long time I was scared to show so many people my "real" self, but now that I am not, my relationship with the internet has become especially fulfilling. I strive to be an approachable and easy-to-talk-to person.. and becoming comfortable enough to just "be" has really helped with that!

I'm often asked how I got so many followers on twitter.. for a long time I never really knew what to say, but over the two years I have used it, it became clear - I am good at keeping up a relationship with people. I interact, ask questions, and listen. I remember (for the most part, it's hard with over 14,000 peeps!) who people are and what they are about. I care what they have to say, and am interested in the mundane parts of their life as well as the exciting. I get the same in return from people. It's true that you get what you put in, to everything.

Anyways, basically what I wanted to say here was... bring your real self to the internet, because you would be surprised how many people will appreciate it. I sure do :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Delicious Recipes!

Ahh, I have been bad at keeping up with this blog. I've really been trying to increase content on THE OTHER BLOG so I have been doing 5-6 posts there DAILY. What a work out for my HTML coding skills. Anyways, here are some recipes for some delicious foods I have made lately. Excuse the webcam photos (lost my canon charger) and my lack of using a "proper recipe" (psssh).

So, this is my awesome cheapo stroganoff and braised cabbage with bacon. To make it you need:

2 cans of cream soup, mushroom is best celery is nice too.
Hamburger for meatballs
1/2 a bag of egg noodles

And then you...

Make meatballs, cook in a frying pan.
Put Egg noodles on to boil.
Add soup cans to pan once meatballs are cooked through, cook for another few min.
Drain pasta, add meatballs and soup mixture to pasta.

This is super yummy, and super cheap, and fills up my dudes.

To make the braised cabbage and bacon you need:


And then you..

Boil cabbage in medium sized pieces, until almost cooked.
Cut bacon into small pieces and half cook.
Add cabbage into pan, and chopped onions.
Cook until bacon fully done.

Voila! yum! Easy! Cheap! Filling!

Now this... she is a thing of beauty. I made this for hangover brunch for my buds after a big house party here... we all ate in silence for like fifteen minutes. You know food is good when all is quiet. For this you need:

Canned Ham (Optional)

And then you...

Put your rotini on to boil.

Make a basic cheese sauce. I never use a recipe for this.. I start with a big pat of butter. In this case, I used a combo of bacon grease and butter which I highly recommend for both deliciousness and hangover curing properties. Then, I add the flour until I reach my desired thickness. Then I add the milk and cheese. I am very bad at using exact measurements, so for this recipe, you need to have knowledge of how to make cheese sauce. Make a lot of it, because some will cook off when you bake the dish in the oven.

Cook your bacon. I also had some canned ham diced up left over, so I cooked it in with the bacon grease. It was lovely.

Next, mix your meats, your drained rotini, and your cheese sauce together in a pot. Then once mixed, pour it into a serving dish, and squish it down a little. Then top with cheese and even some crispy topping if you'd like, and bake at 400 for 10 minutes or so.

Then eat it. This was the most fantastic use of half a block of cheese I have ever experienced. I fed my husband and three friends and still had a whole bunch of leftovers.