Friday, November 6, 2009

News :)

Ahhh so much to share, so little time.

The first news I'm going to talk about is that this blog will soon be BUH bye! I'm working with Amber Renee to develop My two blogs will be combined into one site and there will be lots of new content too. This blog is stale, boring, and not very "me" anymore. When I started PCF I intended it to be a side project, but it has really bloomed!

Anyways, somehow November snuck up on me and I'm right in the middle of craft show season prep. I have two ads out right now, one in a local magazine and one on Creature Comforts... so all that is keeping me busy. I am taking a few items over to the farmer's market this afternoon, and hopefully they accept me to be a part of their holiday artisan market! :) True to Chelsea form I am a bundle of nerves even though they will probably like my things and I have met the man I have to speak with before and he was very nice...

So, anyways... please follow paper*cakes finds and delete this blog from your links or your google reader because this will most likely be the last post or near to last maybe with a few more unimportant rambles thrown in.