Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's in my bag?

Mixed CD Tracklist
Walmart Receipt
Lancome Powder Foundation
2 red candies
3 mac lip glosses
1 clinique lipstick
love charlie business card
broken necklace cameo

Wristlet from Lemonade Accessories

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lettuce Wraps Recipe

I made some asian style lettuce wraps for a potluck recently (I didn't go, but my food made it!) and was asked a few times for the recipe :) excuse me for my bad recipe writing skills... I am not a very exact cook.


1/2 cabbage
3 grated carrots
a bunch of frozen edamame
hoisin sauce
chowmein noodles (I used this recipe for gluten free noodles)
chicken drumsticks
thai chili sauce
frozen asian vegetables (baby corn, pea pods)
head of iceburg lettuce

Shred the carrot and cabbage with a cheese grater into a large bowl. Add the frozen veggies and hoisin sauce to taste.

Put the chicken in the oven with the chili sauce on it. Put small pieces of chicken in the bowl. No skin etc.

Cook your noodles if you're using the recipe above. You can cook them at the same time or later, just don't add them to the filling until you're ready to eat them. The filling tastes better if it sits overnight in the fridge.

Put the junk inside the lettuce ;D eat it!

lol.. enjoy :) you can put in whatever you like, I never make these the same .. mushrooms are good, tiny red peppers, different meats.. :) this is fun for parties.