Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of... fall :)

Ahhh, I have gotten busy again.

I have had posts half typed here for a week or so now... languishing... lol... story of my life :) I wanted to update with a few photos, taken between last weekend (Thanksgiving) and today. I did a photoshoot with my neighbor for my makeup portfolio, visited an old church, and took Jude to the pumpkin patch.

I've been dilligently working on stock for the upcoming season - I should begin to list Christmas items tomorrow. I need an assistant so bad!! lol :) Although, Hubby has become an awesome shipping assistant! I also finished up my project for PANACHE magazine this week and it was well recieved, yay! :) Hopefully I will be doing some more work for them in the future...... and that I will stress out about it less next time lol.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am:

- shipping - a lot!! :) and sending general correspondence
- cleaning - the house has gotten disastrous since thanksgiving
- giving raspberries to jude's belly
- blogging (I have a post here and one on the other blog to do!)
- site updates I have been trying to get to for ages
- showering (I am disgusting, too busy lately)
- most likely expecting a visit from my mother
- tweeting (as usual)
- cooking a good supper
- battling my emails/etsy convos and checking google reader
- getting started on a christmas store update or at least list a couple new things
- trying to squish crafting in, I got some new christmas stuff
- going to staples to buy ink
- (hopefully) crossing things off the to-do list

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today is a good day...

The house is clean. Not only clean, but super clean. Jude is in bed early, chicken is in the oven. I got most of my work done in the day.. so I have a semi-relaxing evening of shipping parcels with the hubs.

I made a little freebie to share:

Print these out and use em as journalling spots or gift tags! (Print as full sheet). And also, just for fun:


Battling Fruit Flies..

Ugh, it's the time of year for fruit flies. I spent a few hours today cleaning and disinfecting every inch of my house after trapping them all. Blech.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. I never have anything to say when I think about writing and since peopl have started reading more I guess I think about writing too much.. that's a never ending circle?? Basically, I don't know how to write so I share photos weee. Speaking of, I updated my flickr stream yesterday and there are pictures of me!



PS: Thanks to twitter for being so full of fruit fly killing knowledge <3

Friday, October 2, 2009

An Ode to Bed..

Now that it is fall, the dreaded problem of getting up in the morning has gotten worse - because it's cool in the mornings and my bed is soooo snuggly and warm.

I've recently gotten around to making our bedroom a more inviting place to be - instead of the place where things go to die I've tried to make a warm, cozy, private space. We have nice bedding (it matches!) and I put up some soft beige curtains so the light is always dim. We have a memory foam mattress, soft jersey sheets, feather /blankets, and lots of pillows. A fan adds some white noise and a cool breeze, and of course there are lots of books within reach :)

I think it's important to make your sleeping area a place you look forward to being as we come into winter - I don't know about you but I practically hibernate during the cold weather months. I once read in Martha Stewart about "carving yourself a nook" and have tried to do that since.. during the days I make the bed so I have a quiet place to escape and nap/read. I do crafts/internet from bed sometimes too. And of course, all of that time spent sleeping...

We spend so much time in bed afterall, why not make it a great place to be? :) If you haven't already carved yourself a 'nook' for the coming winter... I suggest you should :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Chinese Spammer

(or whatever language that is.. uhh..??)...

Please stop posting here. I am saying profanity to you in my head.

Anyways - hey! I am trying to blog here more often. My plan is to not put so much importance on "what to write or share", and just share something. I just got an email from my husband with the following attachment.

Today is October 1st which means it is Moustache month at Hubby's work - not that Matt needs an excuse to grow a ridiculous moustache. If you don't know my hubby already - he is 1/4 Chinese and has only more recently been able to grow facial hair (when we first met 3.5 yrs ago he tried to grow a goatee for me - LOL is all that needs to be said) and has a thing for growing stupid moustaches. Anyways, that photo is last yr's moustache on Halloween Day (are you sad he doesn't wear that hat to work every day???).

I may or may not post update photos as the month progresses. Maybe I'll do a post on of these days on "Matt's crazy ability to ruin a photo" - here's a teaser/example:

lol, let's just say life is never dull