Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Island Tweethearts

Last week, we were given an awesome gift!

The tweethearts are a networking group of women who have gotten together via twitter - they are all super sweet! We were so grateful to get this gift .. we were able to pick up some of the last things we needed for Jett, like a change table pad and some formula/bottles/diapers. It was such a nice surprise.... something like this means so much to our young family.

The paper and card are a bit worse for wear after spending the week in my purse... but I wanted to share a photo :) Just goes to show that Islanders really are the nicest people!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still here... haven't melted away... yet

Belly - 37 weeks

So, it was a hot hot hoooot weekend! We went to Matt's company picnic in the park on Saturday and I got soo sunburnt / heat stroked - ew! Yesterday it was sweltering in our house and I spent the day trying not to move mixed with fainting/throwing up and crying. Jude was at Grandma's so we could get things done.. well.. we did nothing ;) Not good times! Today will hopefully be better... and it is supposed to be a rainy week. Here are our pics from the park on Saturday, look how fat my feet are ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Long Overdue Update - and Baby Makes Four :)


It's been forever since I posted here :) I closed up last fall after thinking that this blog no longer suited me... well... I am back now with a new design and lots of news.

Our first big news:

This is Jett, my second baby boy, due August 9th (But hoooopefully in the next week or two!). I've been busy all these months cooking up a human!! We are so excited to have another baby, and Jude seems to be excited to have a brother, from what we can tell. It's hard to understand how much a 2 year old really "gets". My sister in law is also expecting a baby girl, she was due on the 14th - so the family is expanding very quickly and I couldn't be happier. I never thought as an only child about being an auntie, especially an auntie to a little girl.

This is my belly as of last week:

My etsy shop has been very busy since I re-opened in April, but I am now closed again for maternity leave. Don't worry, I'll be working on new things while I am away and preparing for the holiday season. I hope to be back in September or maybe before, depends when baby arrives and how we adjust to having a newborn again.

So anyways, look forward to more posts here about my life, my crafts, and my kids. Speaking of crafts... here's a picture of my first scrapbook layout since October 08! I have another in the works (well, it needs to be fixed... Jude got it with a glue runner.. oops) that I will share soon :)

xo, Chelsea