Friday, July 16, 2010

A Long Overdue Update - and Baby Makes Four :)


It's been forever since I posted here :) I closed up last fall after thinking that this blog no longer suited me... well... I am back now with a new design and lots of news.

Our first big news:

This is Jett, my second baby boy, due August 9th (But hoooopefully in the next week or two!). I've been busy all these months cooking up a human!! We are so excited to have another baby, and Jude seems to be excited to have a brother, from what we can tell. It's hard to understand how much a 2 year old really "gets". My sister in law is also expecting a baby girl, she was due on the 14th - so the family is expanding very quickly and I couldn't be happier. I never thought as an only child about being an auntie, especially an auntie to a little girl.

This is my belly as of last week:

My etsy shop has been very busy since I re-opened in April, but I am now closed again for maternity leave. Don't worry, I'll be working on new things while I am away and preparing for the holiday season. I hope to be back in September or maybe before, depends when baby arrives and how we adjust to having a newborn again.

So anyways, look forward to more posts here about my life, my crafts, and my kids. Speaking of crafts... here's a picture of my first scrapbook layout since October 08! I have another in the works (well, it needs to be fixed... Jude got it with a glue runner.. oops) that I will share soon :)

xo, Chelsea


ana @ iMadeItSo said...

congrats! on the baby and the site :-)
btw, your etsy shop is adorable, nice design.
~ ana

Lindsey said...

Congrats on #4. I love the way you displayed your belly pic-- so cute!

*angie cupcake* said...

Awww congrats!! I look forward to reading your blog. =)

Tink and Lilly said...

A face to go with the tweets...smiles! Lilly and I are wish you, your husband, Jude and Jett all the best.


~Melissa (Mrs_Pirate)

Nancy said...

I'm glad your personal blog is back! I've missed it :)

Courtney von T said...

Yeah you're back!!! :)

LifeSoapSimple said...

You are one busy girl! Congrats and rest. Your scrapbook story reminded me of when my now 8 yr old cut in half my favorite wedding photo that I was about to affix into an album (and I couldn't find the negatives--you know back before digital was good!)

{kara} said...

the new blog design is adorable! Congrats on the new baby! Cute names by the way!

Amanda said...

Congrats! I'm due Aug. 26th so I know how you feel about wanting to go into labor earlier! :)