Sunday, May 24, 2009

And this is why I love him....

So, hung out with friends last night. Just saw this photo on facebook..

These are my lovely friends Aimee and Jennifer, and my husband in the background... doing what he does in photos... yup, he always does this, lol! And what a gorgeous photo... oh, Matt :)

PS: doesn't Aimee look gorgeous?? I did her hair :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come play a game with me...

In honor of my new shelves and studio re-organization...

Take a photo of your desk, or a portion of it, RIGHT NOW!! No tidying!

Post it on flickr, and add some fun notes :)

Then send me the link so I can look at it, and share it!

PS: here are the pics of my new shelf!

I can't wait to go put things on it... :)

And here's a couple more photos just for fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a long/strange/short/crazy week or two it has been :)

I've been:

Spray painting frames. I went garage saling this weekend with Aimee and was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of frames, and mirrors. I picked up some aqua spray paint and have been going to town! Spray painting is tricky.. I think I finally learned how to do it properly :) The mirror shown in the first photo is available in the shop now.

Speaking of garage saling.. I also found a whole bag of old sheet music, some old ledgers, an owl necklace, a paper shredder, a big giant HUGE bulletin board, some clothing and books for Jude, a woodland embroidery project, and a few embroidery hoops. I spent less than $40!

On Saturday we went to see Slowcoaster here:

No, not on the boat ;) that looooong building with the green roof... it was an amazing place to see a band! It's pretty fun to go out for a smoke break (shhh!) and stand near the ocean with a view of cruise ships. I love love loooooove going to see live music, and they dodn't dissappoint! Here's a pic of my outfit from the evening..
I snagged that headband at Le Chateau for only $5! My pearls are from a garage sale :)

On Tuesday I drove to Moncton, to pick my friend up from the airport. It was the first time I have gone off - island alone, and Jude's first roadtrip. We had a great time!

There is a lot more shopping in Moncton.. and it was a lovely day. The only bad part was that they had a brand new H+M and I came two days before it was set to open! This pink store was downtown... it was filled with tacky tourist stuff, but the front of it was toooo gorgeous!

On Thursday, we had a picnic with Jude's little friend Anneliese and her Mommy Maria, and my friend Janelle (who I went to pick up from the airport).

We had some delicious food for the ladies.. and the kidlets had a great time running around in the grass and swinging. It's been too beautiful here to stay inside.

And finally, I've been making lots of crafts!

I'm working on accessories, cards, and cutting up vintage materials to get together for the shop. And finally.. I wanted to share a little hair tutorial with you all :)

I'm the kind of girl who wears her hair in a messy bun *way* too often! My hair is long and it's an easy way to get my hair up, out of my face, and it is quick. I figured out that adding a few braids into the front of my hair before putting it up.. it's super cute and way less frumpy!

I just part my hair on the side, while wet. I do a large braid on the left side of my part, from the fromt of my face, and a smaller braid more in the middle of my head on the right side. When you are braiding make sure to hold the braid towards the crown of your head, so that it doesn't buckle when you put your hair up. I take thin elastics and loop them in a twisty way around the ends of the hair.. then put up in a messy bun as usual and add a flower or clip! super cute!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love to all the Momma's!

Sending love to all of you momma's out there - mom's make the world go round! :) Tell your mom how much you love her today (and every day). xoxo

Friday, May 8, 2009


I feel like lately, I have been so busy I have barely had time to breathe! Not that I'm complaining.. because I am so happy with how life has been going :) It's the start of the weekend and things couldn't be better - I *love* Friday!

I have *lots* of things to share today.. starting with a little project.

I found an embroidery hoop at the flea market for $0.50 - I have had it hanging around for a while and I have wanted to make one of these fabric hoops for ages! I bought this fun fabric on etsy and stretched it in the hoop and then glued it down in the back with a hot glue gun. I also glued (not shown) some pretty aqua ribbon around the hoop itself. This was such a FUN and easy project! You could get a bunch of differently sized hoops and make some cool wall decor. I'm hoping to eventually start selling these, once I find some more hoops (I'm too cheap to pay full price!) and fabric.

I made this scrapbook LO last night using a photo from Jude's first Birthday party. I am sooo rusty - I haven't scrapped since October, and I only spent 20 minutes on this. This was scraplifted from the cover of the most recent Creating Keepsakes. Hopefully I can get a few more LO's in this weekend! :)

Jude and I took a trip to Value Village this morning, and we ended up finding some good loot. I got two pieces of fun vintage fabric, an embroidery hoop, dwell magazine, a kodak book on colors in photography, and of course Jude got a Car. That boy and cars! He found it on the shelf when I was looking in the other direction and refused to put it down.. so he has added another car to his collection. It has a little spinning ball on the top - which is a big deal to Jude as he loves all things round and spinny! hehe

Speaking of the little man.. here's a shot of him in the tub yesterday. He was telling me something, I think. He's quite the little chatterbox.

This was my outfit today.. took this photo to prove that I own some clothing that is not pink OR blue, hee! The necklace was one of the ones given to me after my husband's grandmother passed away in March and this is the first time I have worn it.

A couple of shots from my studio taken this week. I'm finally getting to the point where I can consider it "mostly clean" and am not embarassed to take photos. The desk is my etsy desk - I do all of my packing/shipping there and store most of my materials like envelopes and tissue.

And finally, some new items in the shop! My hand stamped scrolls are now available in pink. There are also some new paper packs available, and I'm hoping to get more up this weekend! Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday tomorrow!! xo

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy busy!!

I've been busy stocking the shop... here are some of the newest goodies that can be found there!

I've been cleaning my studio, and found lots of paper products to de-stash! These are just some of the new items.. so make sure to check the shop. I also took a few pictures of my "etsy desk" - check them out on flickr if you want to see my little shipping area.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Do you ever..

Have so many things you are excited to share, that you just don't know which to choose? That happens to me a lot, especially when I have been busy. I feel like the last month or so has just flown by! Here's a little peek into what I've been doing:

love, elsie mini albumlove, elsie house album

Slowly cleaning and organizing my studio, and finding things to De-Stash. I have such a hard time deciding to part with supplies - there is so much potential in everything. If only I had unlimited time and space! These two Love, Elsie mini albums have made their way into the shop.

Vintage/New/Recycled Paper Stack

Making things just for the sake of making something beautiful. Now that I put together and packaged all of these papers.. I want to keep them. Yes, I am silly! I hope to make a few more of these soon - any color suggestions? I am stuck stuck stuck on pink and aqua.

Jude's Letters

Spring Cleaning - still! Yes, this has been a pro-longed effort! I keep making lots of progress, though :) Yesterday I attempted to clear out the cupboard under my bathroom sink and found a lot of beauty products to give away. I have so much perfume and lotion and things that I won't be able to use up - someone else needs to help!

Slowly Making Jewelery. These first two sets of ear studs on tags are available now in the shop.

I'm feeling a bit sick today... so that's all for now folks! xoxo

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday..

Argh, I am so tired! I only slept 3 hours last night... I think I am dreaming this..

We took Jude and the Wagon down to the waterfront yesterday. We even went and explored a pond :) He took me on a little walk down the path.. but was unsure about crawling around on the leafy ground alone. I am so excited to scrappbook these pictures - there are many more on my computer. I missed national scrapbooking day yesterday, so maybe I'll find some time today if I am lucky! Cross your fingers for me.

I'm giving away one of my Recycled Paper Posy magnets - all you have to do is comment! I made a bunch of these and I want to share them! Open until the end of tonight - winner to be posted Monday morning! xo and good luck. Paper Posy magnets are also available now in my etsy shop and make a great gift.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How To: Make a Posy Magnet from recycled paper

Here's a little craft for a rainy Friday. I made this magnet this morning out of 100% recycled materials. I cut up three different cards, some sticker packaging, and letters from a magazine. The posy is one of the ones I sell in my shop - they are made from recycled paper and scraps!

Step One: I cut out a 5x2.5" square from some repurposed sticker packaging. I chose a thicker type of paper to give the magnet some weight. This is going to be your base.

Step Two: Use a glue runner to trace around the edges of the back of your square. Mount your square on another piece of paper, in a coordinating shade. You can see from the photos that I glued my white piece to an aqua piece, and then a pink piece of paper.

Step Three: Cut your stem. The stem pictured was cut free-hand from an old thank you card. I colored it a little bit with water color pencil crayons.

Step Four: Attach your posy. They have a brad in the middle and can be attached that way, but I chose to mount mine with 3-d foam adhesive squares for a little bit more pop. These posies are made with layers of circular paper, they are simple and easy and you can use any paper scraps you have around.

Step Five: Cut out a saying. My saying was taken from a magazine page and adhered with a glue runner.

Step Six: Add embellishments if you desire. I chose to use glitter glue and run it all along the edges of the white square.

Step Seven: Cut a piece or a few strips of adhesive backed magnet sheeting, and adhere to the back of your square. Voila!

This craft would be a great one to do with the kids, and would make a great gift for mom. (Mother's day is may 10th remember!). In total, using a pre-made posy this took me less than 10 minutes to put together and cost me almost nothing! Have fun crafting.