Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a long/strange/short/crazy week or two it has been :)

I've been:

Spray painting frames. I went garage saling this weekend with Aimee and was lucky enough to find a whole bunch of frames, and mirrors. I picked up some aqua spray paint and have been going to town! Spray painting is tricky.. I think I finally learned how to do it properly :) The mirror shown in the first photo is available in the shop now.

Speaking of garage saling.. I also found a whole bag of old sheet music, some old ledgers, an owl necklace, a paper shredder, a big giant HUGE bulletin board, some clothing and books for Jude, a woodland embroidery project, and a few embroidery hoops. I spent less than $40!

On Saturday we went to see Slowcoaster here:

No, not on the boat ;) that looooong building with the green roof... it was an amazing place to see a band! It's pretty fun to go out for a smoke break (shhh!) and stand near the ocean with a view of cruise ships. I love love loooooove going to see live music, and they dodn't dissappoint! Here's a pic of my outfit from the evening..
I snagged that headband at Le Chateau for only $5! My pearls are from a garage sale :)

On Tuesday I drove to Moncton, to pick my friend up from the airport. It was the first time I have gone off - island alone, and Jude's first roadtrip. We had a great time!

There is a lot more shopping in Moncton.. and it was a lovely day. The only bad part was that they had a brand new H+M and I came two days before it was set to open! This pink store was downtown... it was filled with tacky tourist stuff, but the front of it was toooo gorgeous!

On Thursday, we had a picnic with Jude's little friend Anneliese and her Mommy Maria, and my friend Janelle (who I went to pick up from the airport).

We had some delicious food for the ladies.. and the kidlets had a great time running around in the grass and swinging. It's been too beautiful here to stay inside.

And finally, I've been making lots of crafts!

I'm working on accessories, cards, and cutting up vintage materials to get together for the shop. And finally.. I wanted to share a little hair tutorial with you all :)

I'm the kind of girl who wears her hair in a messy bun *way* too often! My hair is long and it's an easy way to get my hair up, out of my face, and it is quick. I figured out that adding a few braids into the front of my hair before putting it up.. it's super cute and way less frumpy!

I just part my hair on the side, while wet. I do a large braid on the left side of my part, from the fromt of my face, and a smaller braid more in the middle of my head on the right side. When you are braiding make sure to hold the braid towards the crown of your head, so that it doesn't buckle when you put your hair up. I take thin elastics and loop them in a twisty way around the ends of the hair.. then put up in a messy bun as usual and add a flower or clip! super cute!



jemm_shine said...

aww the babes look so cute together. Hopefully you will invite me over to see you and Jude sometime soon :)

Diane said...

I cannot believe how much you get done, all the lovely spray painted frames, your art work, and a road trip you are an amazing girl. Keep it up I love checking in on your creations.
Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

I love H&M I can't wait to lose weight. Cause my reward is to buy me something I can war there each time. Until I am at the size I want. Love the broach.. and cute hair..

Melissa said...

Love your hairstyle...I miss my long hair..I shouldn't have got it cut after my second babe was make me so jealous!!:O)
Stop at my blog post from May 20, I gave you an award!

Mrs. C said...

I'm visiting from Designs by Vanessa! Love your blog! I really like your hair and I'm so going to try that out. Totally in love with that pink flower too!