Friday, May 8, 2009


I feel like lately, I have been so busy I have barely had time to breathe! Not that I'm complaining.. because I am so happy with how life has been going :) It's the start of the weekend and things couldn't be better - I *love* Friday!

I have *lots* of things to share today.. starting with a little project.

I found an embroidery hoop at the flea market for $0.50 - I have had it hanging around for a while and I have wanted to make one of these fabric hoops for ages! I bought this fun fabric on etsy and stretched it in the hoop and then glued it down in the back with a hot glue gun. I also glued (not shown) some pretty aqua ribbon around the hoop itself. This was such a FUN and easy project! You could get a bunch of differently sized hoops and make some cool wall decor. I'm hoping to eventually start selling these, once I find some more hoops (I'm too cheap to pay full price!) and fabric.

I made this scrapbook LO last night using a photo from Jude's first Birthday party. I am sooo rusty - I haven't scrapped since October, and I only spent 20 minutes on this. This was scraplifted from the cover of the most recent Creating Keepsakes. Hopefully I can get a few more LO's in this weekend! :)

Jude and I took a trip to Value Village this morning, and we ended up finding some good loot. I got two pieces of fun vintage fabric, an embroidery hoop, dwell magazine, a kodak book on colors in photography, and of course Jude got a Car. That boy and cars! He found it on the shelf when I was looking in the other direction and refused to put it down.. so he has added another car to his collection. It has a little spinning ball on the top - which is a big deal to Jude as he loves all things round and spinny! hehe

Speaking of the little man.. here's a shot of him in the tub yesterday. He was telling me something, I think. He's quite the little chatterbox.

This was my outfit today.. took this photo to prove that I own some clothing that is not pink OR blue, hee! The necklace was one of the ones given to me after my husband's grandmother passed away in March and this is the first time I have worn it.

A couple of shots from my studio taken this week. I'm finally getting to the point where I can consider it "mostly clean" and am not embarassed to take photos. The desk is my etsy desk - I do all of my packing/shipping there and store most of my materials like envelopes and tissue.

And finally, some new items in the shop! My hand stamped scrolls are now available in pink. There are also some new paper packs available, and I'm hoping to get more up this weekend! Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday tomorrow!! xo

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

You have such a sweet little one! I adore your shop on Etsy! Great stuff!