Friday, May 30, 2008

Life is wonderful!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have had a great couple of days.

Yesterday, I returned some stuff to Michaels and it resulted in a $245 credit to spend! (YEAH! Since the items I returned only cost me $130...) So I browsed around the store for over an hour and got some awesome stuff. I picked up the whole K+CO berry sweet line with all the owls and sock monkeys, a bunch of fimo clay for making button embellishments, watercolors and watercolor pencils (been wanting these forever), a bunch of scrapbook frames, clear stamps, lots of adhesives, a PIRATE BOAT birdhouse to paint, some awesome punches, and I even managed to find HAMBLY stickers at M's!!

Today, I popped into a local store that has scrapbooking supplies.. and I found an amazing spinning paper display rack for $25!! They are scaling back on the amount of things they carry, which sucks, but I scored an awesome deal because of it. The rack holds a bunch of 12x12 papers and has little hooks where I can hang stickers/embellies. I love that my paper is all out in the open now, it should be easier to find things and know what I have when creating layouts. It also should result in less paper scattered all over the floor, which will make matt happy. For some reason, he still thinks that the craft room is an "office" and that he is allowed in here :P

Speaking of the craft room.. things are coming along well. I'm almost done painting the shelves that I picked up really cheap the other day and will probably hang them up over the next few days. I spent a few hours last night re-spooling my ribbons while watching the life aquatic (what rock was I living under?? I had never seen this movie!). I am using a very, very cute new method of storing them. I will post photos when I am done, but for now I am keeping it hush hush. I can't wait to get the room to my liking and be able to post photos. It's going to be spectacular! :) I am so excited to have a really fun space... I find it so inspiring to be in a room I really love while I'm creating things. I have spent the last few days browsing photos of studios and craft rooms on flickr and have gotten some great ideas.

Matt started a new (well, old) job today. He's working at a store he worked at before he moved away until his actual job starts in June. He is going to be doing support for iPhone. I wish that meant we got a deal on an iPhone.. lol. Anyways, it's a relief to know that he has jobs now and that we can pay our bills. The job market here sure is different than Calgary.

Yesterday they started construction on a new set of townhouses across from us. While I am excited at the prospect of new neighbors, the sound of construction does not make me that happy. You know, that *beep beep beep* sound of heavy machinery backing up... it gets annoying after hearing it for 4.hours.straight!!! I just hope that they can get the building up quickly for the sake of my sanity.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Sex and the City movie along with pretty much every woman in North America. We are planning to get all dressed up and drink cosmos beforehand. I wasn't that excited about it until tonight, and now I'm really looking forward to it. This will at the very least give me an opportunity to wear the gorgeous new dress and new shoes that my mom bought me (have I mentioned how much I love my mom??) when we were in Moncton on Monday. Technically it's for Matt's stepbrother's wedding, but it can't hurt to break the shoes in a little right?? hehe. I love an excuse to dress up :) I've been wearing dresses around the house a lot lately just because they make me feel pretty.. even though I just end up covered in baby spit up lol.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That feeling of accomplishment....

Yay!! I feel like I got some things done today :) First of all... I just finished this layout:

o see a bigger image, check my flickr gallery

That is my sister in law to be, Jessica, and my son. The photo was taken at the baby shower on Sunday. I used Love Elsie/Bam Pop papers and stickers.

I got a bunch of stuff done around the house today, and I'm feeling accomplished. I finally got my mirror hung in the bedroom and got my massive makeup collection all sorted out and shelved. I also cleaned up a lot downstairs and in the nursery (had to put away all those presents, hehe!). Best of all - I got my flickr account updated finally and I now have a 'proper' gallery. Click the little widget on the left to check it out :) Now I'm working on starting up an etsy store and getting a few things listed. Hopefully I'll have time to work on my scrapbook room a bit in the coming days.. it's a major disaster and I think Matt is not so impressed with the paper and stickers scattered everywhere, although he hasn't said anything.

Lately I've been bringing Jude into the big tub with me instead of the little baby bathtub and he just loves it, it's so adorable! He is totally going to be a little water baby I can just tell. He floats around and kicks and splashes and makes the cutest little cooing sounds... I love it! We set up the jumperoo today for him and he had an awesome time staring up at the little rainforest creatures on it. Here's a picture..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

late night etsy browsing...

I'm on late night baby duty and instead of doing something productive like cleaning my messy a$$ house or crafting, I'm surfing around on Etsy and the DIY section of Delightful Blogs. As a general rule, I really need to stay off etsy. I found about 100 things I want to buy (why am I so broke right now?? arg), and I actually just killed IE because I had too many tabs open to different shops. Here is something I discovered in my travels tonight...

click to go to the artist's shop featuring more designs

She makes custom designs as well as the lovely pre-made designs featured in her shop. I totally want a sock monkey stamp!!
First of all... I am totally *loving* this cd right now:

If you haven't heard it you must run out and buy it ASAP. I'm a huge Death cab fan and this CD definitely doesn't disappoint. It's a bit more rocky than their previous work.. and that's a good thing. Song #1 is my favorite, although I have no idea what it is called (oops).

Today my mom and I took a trip to Moncton NB for some shopping and a great time was had. I didn't get to make anything cool today due to being away from home all day - BUT I did get some awesome stuff. Value village had a 50-70% off sale today and I picked up some great shelves to alter for my scraproom and a neat little spinning spice rack that I'm going to use for embellishment storage. I also got some funky knick knacks including this fun little retro fish made out of porcelain that I will photograph and post tomorrow. The best part is, everything was under $3 each. I always love a good bargain. My mom also bought me the prettiest dress for an upcoming wedding I am attending (*and* matching shoes, moms are the best).

Yesterday a shower was held for not-so-little-anymore Jude. A lot of people showed up, and he sure got spoiled. I am currently working on finishing up his nursery and it's shaping up to be an amazing room. I made some wooden letters for him before he was born that are brown, teal, green, and cream with polka dots. The room has shimmery blue curtains and a furry blue rug. I cut out a bunch of paper circles in those colors and put them up on the walls in one corner of the room. Check out the crib bedding I found today:

Total fluke, but it's *perfect* for the nursery. We have a cherrywood crib very similar to the one pictured, too. I can't wait for it to arrive. Then all I have to do is get his shelves up and frame the art I have for his walls and the nursery will finally be complete.

Anyways.. I don't know why I am still up.. someone kick my butt! Gnite :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I made this layout today in honour of my best friend Courtney, who I unfortunately moved away from a couple of months ago. She's an awesome friend and is so easy to just "be" around. She just had a baby (only one week after me!) which makes it so much harder to have her so far away. Click on the image for a full size picture..

Unfortunately, both my scanner and camera suck for capturing layouts. This is very bright in person.. I wish I could show this off as it truly looks.. Oh well :( I'm just gonna have to keep dreaming of a DSLR lol.

Life in PEI with Jude..

So, we have officially been in PEI over 2 months It's starting to feel more like home to me, as things grow more familiar. I am still learning where things are and how to navigate the city. I miss the familiarity of home... and I miss all of my wonderful friends. Thankfully, there are many awesome people here to get to know as well. The thing I miss the most is the SHOPPING, lol. Probably a good thing I don't have access to all that much now. We're heading to Moncton tomorrow for a Costco/Mall run though and I am way.too.excited!!

I discovered the little LSS here finally... what a cute place, and such friendly ladies!! Can't wait to take some classes and go on one of their retreats. It's a bummer that it's a bit far away (in summerside) but the drive is really pretty. Check out their new website @ . Luckily, one of Matt's friends that I have met here is also into scrapbooking. It's awesome to have someone around my age to do these things with.

Baby has been keeping us busy for sure. I've had a few chances to make LOs/misc projects but my time sure is precious these days, and I often end up trading my precious sleeping time to do things like crafting. I find myself wishing for the age when they get routine bedtimes so I can have a few hours to myself in the evening.... but I am loving the little newborn phase. He is the sweetest, most chill little baby. We are just blown away by him and so happy he has come into our lives. Judy and Dian are hosting a big shower for him today, it should be a great time. I love showing off my little guy and have the cutest outfit picked out for him to wear. Expect lots of photos later!!

Oh, also, this blog is currently a work in progress so don't judge it too harshly!!! I have big plans, but I'm not sure how many of them will actually come to fruition. I only get snippets of time here and there to work on it, but I really wanted to start sharing it with people. The photo links at the left don't all work yet... but I'm in the process of getting my flickr galleries all sorted up and they'll be ready soon!! I really want to try and capture my projects better... my camera sucks, as does my scanner. I hate how I can never get clear images that give decent representation of the colors/details in things (hopefully a new camera can be purchased at some point in the next few months, even though Matt insists I don't need one!) I am also working on an etsy shop which will open eventually. Unfortunately, no time frame on that just yet. I'm working on a bunch of altered canvases, hand made clay buttons, mini books, altered notebooks, and handmade embellies for it ! :)

<3 Chelsea

PS: What should I make with this fabric?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Welcome to my brand spankin' new blog :) Actually.. this is a very old blog, but I decided to start it up again to have a place to showcase photos of my awesome son Jude, some of the projects I make, and anything random that pops into my head. I'm still just getting started, but expect good things to come..