Tuesday, May 27, 2008

late night etsy browsing...

I'm on late night baby duty and instead of doing something productive like cleaning my messy a$$ house or crafting, I'm surfing around on Etsy and the DIY section of Delightful Blogs. As a general rule, I really need to stay off etsy. I found about 100 things I want to buy (why am I so broke right now?? arg), and I actually just killed IE because I had too many tabs open to different shops. Here is something I discovered in my travels tonight...

click to go to the artist's shop featuring more designs

She makes custom designs as well as the lovely pre-made designs featured in her shop. I totally want a sock monkey stamp!!


Helena said...

WOW, loving your blog, well done, pop along to mine anytime!!!

I will add you to my blog list!!!!

Loving Jude's room!!!!!


Charity Sorrells said...

OMGosh! He is sooo cute!
Etsy is so addicting, to much to look at!