Friday, May 30, 2008

Life is wonderful!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have had a great couple of days.

Yesterday, I returned some stuff to Michaels and it resulted in a $245 credit to spend! (YEAH! Since the items I returned only cost me $130...) So I browsed around the store for over an hour and got some awesome stuff. I picked up the whole K+CO berry sweet line with all the owls and sock monkeys, a bunch of fimo clay for making button embellishments, watercolors and watercolor pencils (been wanting these forever), a bunch of scrapbook frames, clear stamps, lots of adhesives, a PIRATE BOAT birdhouse to paint, some awesome punches, and I even managed to find HAMBLY stickers at M's!!

Today, I popped into a local store that has scrapbooking supplies.. and I found an amazing spinning paper display rack for $25!! They are scaling back on the amount of things they carry, which sucks, but I scored an awesome deal because of it. The rack holds a bunch of 12x12 papers and has little hooks where I can hang stickers/embellies. I love that my paper is all out in the open now, it should be easier to find things and know what I have when creating layouts. It also should result in less paper scattered all over the floor, which will make matt happy. For some reason, he still thinks that the craft room is an "office" and that he is allowed in here :P

Speaking of the craft room.. things are coming along well. I'm almost done painting the shelves that I picked up really cheap the other day and will probably hang them up over the next few days. I spent a few hours last night re-spooling my ribbons while watching the life aquatic (what rock was I living under?? I had never seen this movie!). I am using a very, very cute new method of storing them. I will post photos when I am done, but for now I am keeping it hush hush. I can't wait to get the room to my liking and be able to post photos. It's going to be spectacular! :) I am so excited to have a really fun space... I find it so inspiring to be in a room I really love while I'm creating things. I have spent the last few days browsing photos of studios and craft rooms on flickr and have gotten some great ideas.

Matt started a new (well, old) job today. He's working at a store he worked at before he moved away until his actual job starts in June. He is going to be doing support for iPhone. I wish that meant we got a deal on an iPhone.. lol. Anyways, it's a relief to know that he has jobs now and that we can pay our bills. The job market here sure is different than Calgary.

Yesterday they started construction on a new set of townhouses across from us. While I am excited at the prospect of new neighbors, the sound of construction does not make me that happy. You know, that *beep beep beep* sound of heavy machinery backing up... it gets annoying after hearing it for 4.hours.straight!!! I just hope that they can get the building up quickly for the sake of my sanity.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Sex and the City movie along with pretty much every woman in North America. We are planning to get all dressed up and drink cosmos beforehand. I wasn't that excited about it until tonight, and now I'm really looking forward to it. This will at the very least give me an opportunity to wear the gorgeous new dress and new shoes that my mom bought me (have I mentioned how much I love my mom??) when we were in Moncton on Monday. Technically it's for Matt's stepbrother's wedding, but it can't hurt to break the shoes in a little right?? hehe. I love an excuse to dress up :) I've been wearing dresses around the house a lot lately just because they make me feel pretty.. even though I just end up covered in baby spit up lol.


Jill Deiling said...

wow sounds like you got some great stuff at michaels, im jealous! lol. sounds like youre going to have an awesome scrap room, youll have to take pics of it when youre done!

Celena said...

So funny! "For some reason, he still thinks that the craft room is an "office" and that he is allowed in here" thanks for making me laugh. I cannot wait to see Sex and the City this weekend.

Me said...

I cried several times. I really need to get over Big! I love him! okay enough of that!

Can't talk about the craft room as it's such a mess you can't tell how it's deco-ed! LOL but I did get a new shelf and fan today! They are pretty dang cute!