Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That feeling of accomplishment....

Yay!! I feel like I got some things done today :) First of all... I just finished this layout:

o see a bigger image, check my flickr gallery

That is my sister in law to be, Jessica, and my son. The photo was taken at the baby shower on Sunday. I used Love Elsie/Bam Pop papers and stickers.

I got a bunch of stuff done around the house today, and I'm feeling accomplished. I finally got my mirror hung in the bedroom and got my massive makeup collection all sorted out and shelved. I also cleaned up a lot downstairs and in the nursery (had to put away all those presents, hehe!). Best of all - I got my flickr account updated finally and I now have a 'proper' gallery. Click the little widget on the left to check it out :) Now I'm working on starting up an etsy store and getting a few things listed. Hopefully I'll have time to work on my scrapbook room a bit in the coming days.. it's a major disaster and I think Matt is not so impressed with the paper and stickers scattered everywhere, although he hasn't said anything.

Lately I've been bringing Jude into the big tub with me instead of the little baby bathtub and he just loves it, it's so adorable! He is totally going to be a little water baby I can just tell. He floats around and kicks and splashes and makes the cutest little cooing sounds... I love it! We set up the jumperoo today for him and he had an awesome time staring up at the little rainforest creatures on it. Here's a picture..


Matt said...

Aww, little chubbs!

Cory G said...

Hahaha, he looks mesmerized! Great picture.

Chelsea Van Tol said...

He *was* mesmerized... I wish things kept my attention like that.