Sunday, May 25, 2008

Life in PEI with Jude..

So, we have officially been in PEI over 2 months It's starting to feel more like home to me, as things grow more familiar. I am still learning where things are and how to navigate the city. I miss the familiarity of home... and I miss all of my wonderful friends. Thankfully, there are many awesome people here to get to know as well. The thing I miss the most is the SHOPPING, lol. Probably a good thing I don't have access to all that much now. We're heading to Moncton tomorrow for a Costco/Mall run though and I am way.too.excited!!

I discovered the little LSS here finally... what a cute place, and such friendly ladies!! Can't wait to take some classes and go on one of their retreats. It's a bummer that it's a bit far away (in summerside) but the drive is really pretty. Check out their new website @ . Luckily, one of Matt's friends that I have met here is also into scrapbooking. It's awesome to have someone around my age to do these things with.

Baby has been keeping us busy for sure. I've had a few chances to make LOs/misc projects but my time sure is precious these days, and I often end up trading my precious sleeping time to do things like crafting. I find myself wishing for the age when they get routine bedtimes so I can have a few hours to myself in the evening.... but I am loving the little newborn phase. He is the sweetest, most chill little baby. We are just blown away by him and so happy he has come into our lives. Judy and Dian are hosting a big shower for him today, it should be a great time. I love showing off my little guy and have the cutest outfit picked out for him to wear. Expect lots of photos later!!

Oh, also, this blog is currently a work in progress so don't judge it too harshly!!! I have big plans, but I'm not sure how many of them will actually come to fruition. I only get snippets of time here and there to work on it, but I really wanted to start sharing it with people. The photo links at the left don't all work yet... but I'm in the process of getting my flickr galleries all sorted up and they'll be ready soon!! I really want to try and capture my projects better... my camera sucks, as does my scanner. I hate how I can never get clear images that give decent representation of the colors/details in things (hopefully a new camera can be purchased at some point in the next few months, even though Matt insists I don't need one!) I am also working on an etsy shop which will open eventually. Unfortunately, no time frame on that just yet. I'm working on a bunch of altered canvases, hand made clay buttons, mini books, altered notebooks, and handmade embellies for it ! :)

<3 Chelsea

PS: What should I make with this fabric?


Me said...

Cute. The fabic,too. Can't wait to see what you create.

Matt said...

You don't need one!