Sunday, May 25, 2008


I made this layout today in honour of my best friend Courtney, who I unfortunately moved away from a couple of months ago. She's an awesome friend and is so easy to just "be" around. She just had a baby (only one week after me!) which makes it so much harder to have her so far away. Click on the image for a full size picture..

Unfortunately, both my scanner and camera suck for capturing layouts. This is very bright in person.. I wish I could show this off as it truly looks.. Oh well :( I'm just gonna have to keep dreaming of a DSLR lol.


Wendy said...

Hi Chelsea!! Your blog is beautiful. I don't spend much time in the blogs, but this is the best I have EVER seen!!

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Wendy said...

OOps...I think I was supposed to leave a comment about your LO. So
sorry. Your friend is a real cutie. Where did she move to? I have so many friends in Great Falls, but now I live in Missoula and don't know very many people. It seems that when you get older is it harder to make friends. Your LO is beautiful!! You do amazing work.

Michelle said... cute is your blog?? he he...=) Thanks for linking me up! And lovely page!! I moved away from my friends, too..miss them so much, so I feel ya!

Jill Deiling said...

i looove your lo! love the bright colors! I'm sorry you had to move away from your best friend, i soo know how you're feeling right now, I feel so bad for you! I hope you guys get to visit lots. :)

Me said...