Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First of all... I am totally *loving* this cd right now:

If you haven't heard it you must run out and buy it ASAP. I'm a huge Death cab fan and this CD definitely doesn't disappoint. It's a bit more rocky than their previous work.. and that's a good thing. Song #1 is my favorite, although I have no idea what it is called (oops).

Today my mom and I took a trip to Moncton NB for some shopping and a great time was had. I didn't get to make anything cool today due to being away from home all day - BUT I did get some awesome stuff. Value village had a 50-70% off sale today and I picked up some great shelves to alter for my scraproom and a neat little spinning spice rack that I'm going to use for embellishment storage. I also got some funky knick knacks including this fun little retro fish made out of porcelain that I will photograph and post tomorrow. The best part is, everything was under $3 each. I always love a good bargain. My mom also bought me the prettiest dress for an upcoming wedding I am attending (*and* matching shoes, moms are the best).

Yesterday a shower was held for not-so-little-anymore Jude. A lot of people showed up, and he sure got spoiled. I am currently working on finishing up his nursery and it's shaping up to be an amazing room. I made some wooden letters for him before he was born that are brown, teal, green, and cream with polka dots. The room has shimmery blue curtains and a furry blue rug. I cut out a bunch of paper circles in those colors and put them up on the walls in one corner of the room. Check out the crib bedding I found today:

Total fluke, but it's *perfect* for the nursery. We have a cherrywood crib very similar to the one pictured, too. I can't wait for it to arrive. Then all I have to do is get his shelves up and frame the art I have for his walls and the nursery will finally be complete.

Anyways.. I don't know why I am still up.. someone kick my butt! Gnite :)


Jill Deiling said...

how cute is that bed set?? I love it! I'm glad you found so much stuff, and for such a bargain! :) Can't wait to see the pics of it!

Me said...

Way cute set! His room sounds yummy! WTG at Value Village! $3 bucks, that's so cool...

Matt said...

Bixby Canyon bridge is the name of the song sweetheart :D

aimee! said...

K, I am jealous of baby.
I want those sheets for my room. haha