Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of... fall :)

Ahhh, I have gotten busy again.

I have had posts half typed here for a week or so now... languishing... lol... story of my life :) I wanted to update with a few photos, taken between last weekend (Thanksgiving) and today. I did a photoshoot with my neighbor for my makeup portfolio, visited an old church, and took Jude to the pumpkin patch.

I've been dilligently working on stock for the upcoming season - I should begin to list Christmas items tomorrow. I need an assistant so bad!! lol :) Although, Hubby has become an awesome shipping assistant! I also finished up my project for PANACHE magazine this week and it was well recieved, yay! :) Hopefully I will be doing some more work for them in the future...... and that I will stress out about it less next time lol.



Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your little guy is adorable!!! Sounds like you have been extremely busy! Did you do the makeup for the lady in the photos? Great job and the photos look awesome also!!

Purple Sparkle said...

Absolutely love the pics, especially Jude with the pumpkins, what a cutie he is!! :-) x

gkgirl said... much do i love
your little guy's jacket?!!!
soooo cute!
i love it...
and he is adorable as well...
great pics!

Jane Caiger said...

You are so incredibly creative! I am so happy we're friends. Jude is looking super cute, fall is definitely his season!