Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am:

- shipping - a lot!! :) and sending general correspondence
- cleaning - the house has gotten disastrous since thanksgiving
- giving raspberries to jude's belly
- blogging (I have a post here and one on the other blog to do!)
- site updates I have been trying to get to for ages
- showering (I am disgusting, too busy lately)
- most likely expecting a visit from my mother
- tweeting (as usual)
- cooking a good supper
- battling my emails/etsy convos and checking google reader
- getting started on a christmas store update or at least list a couple new things
- trying to squish crafting in, I got some new christmas stuff
- going to staples to buy ink
- (hopefully) crossing things off the to-do list


the rikrak studio said...

love your list, cutie!
have a great, productive day!

gkgirl said...

great list
and just wanted to say
i had to go to staples also for ink...
got home and put the "cyan"
( blue...could they
not just say blue.)
cartrige in and guess what?

the magenta ran out.