Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Chinese Spammer

(or whatever language that is.. uhh..??)...

Please stop posting here. I am saying profanity to you in my head.

Anyways - hey! I am trying to blog here more often. My plan is to not put so much importance on "what to write or share", and just share something. I just got an email from my husband with the following attachment.

Today is October 1st which means it is Moustache month at Hubby's work - not that Matt needs an excuse to grow a ridiculous moustache. If you don't know my hubby already - he is 1/4 Chinese and has only more recently been able to grow facial hair (when we first met 3.5 yrs ago he tried to grow a goatee for me - LOL is all that needs to be said) and has a thing for growing stupid moustaches. Anyways, that photo is last yr's moustache on Halloween Day (are you sad he doesn't wear that hat to work every day???).

I may or may not post update photos as the month progresses. Maybe I'll do a post on of these days on "Matt's crazy ability to ruin a photo" - here's a teaser/example:

lol, let's just say life is never dull



Matt said...

Love it.

TERRi :) said...

Good Luck w/ the growing! ;)

aimee! said...

haha @ this post.

Tiffany said...

haha your husband seems hilarious! Good luck (to you both) on hubby's growing moustache. ;)