Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I...

Woke up at 8ish, Jett was squealing. Matt had to poke me a bit and remind me that the longer I lingered, the higher the chances would be that Jude would wake up. Made a bottle, changed the baby and took him back to bed. Fed him / dozed until ... sometime? It was freezing in the house today, the oil tank ran out.

We all ended up down stairs together. Matt took Jude in the shower with him and fed him breakfast. I gave Jett another bottle. Two couriers came, one with a box of baby food and one with a box of bath and body products for reviews. We played around and tried the baby food. I tidied up a wee bit, mostly picking up the mess Matt left in his flurry of getting ready. Broke my favorite mirror by tossing a laundry basket full of clothes down the stairs.

I did today's blog posts which should have been done yesterday, but I somehow lost a couple and couldn't make myself do them over. Blogging in the morning always throws me off and puts me behind. In between the coding was a lot of baby/toddler stuff (in between everything, or rather, everything else is between the baby/toddler stuff). A couple explosive poops. Made a to-do list.

We all played, and watched Kipper on netflix. I made bagel sandwiches for lunch with banana bread (Jett got cereal). I vacuumed, emptied all of the garbages, unpacked 3 boxes of books, and wiped down the tv stand/coffee table/exersaucer. Jude took a bath. Jude played, drew me some beautiful art. We danced.

Jude took a nap. I tucked him in with his blankey, sippy cup, and radiohead cd. Jett had an explosive poop (fml) that resulted in bathtime, where he splashed around for the first time ever. He babbled all day and did this funny little move that looked like a dog lifting it's leg to pee. He took a couple naps throughout the day.

I drew a giveaway winner, answered a bunch of emails. Put a roast in the oven (with cabbage and bacon). I put up a new sponsor, and looked at google reader. Normally I would have google reader open first thing... but being behind on my posts.. it goes on the backburner. I entered a few giveaways. Made sure to tweet some things from sponsors or companies I'm currently working with. I took some pictures and emailed a friend, tried and failed to catch up with my facebook inbox.

I did a few dishes, put them away. We've been sorting the house out for a flea market trip, so I organized a few things related to that. Did a bunch of thinking/emailing in regards to how we're going to come up with a logo for the roller derby league. I've been spray painting some things for the last two days in the back porch, putting coats on them at various times of the day. A good friend called to arrange a surprise visit. I uploaded pics to flickr and contacted all the people I blogged about today.

I cut the roast up, made scalloped potatoes for the side dish while dancing. Matt came home but left to get heating oil. He brought some groceries I had asked for and an SD card to replace the one Jude broke yesterday. I put more dishes away, played with the baby. Jude slept extra long. Matt ate, woke Jude up, fed him. I read a few parts of an astrology book. I had chocolate turtles for supper.

I wrote this post. Jett is asleep on my lap right now with a bottle in his mouth. So far I have crossed 7 things off of my to-do list.

Tonight I will...

Write tomorrow's blog posts, and two giveaway posts. I will not fuck this up today. I am going to watch a band tomorrow night with Kara so I don't have time to waste. Matt will put Jude to bed. We will catch up on our days.

I will take a shower, maybe shave the leg I missed the other day when we ran out of hot water (but probably not). I will browse some models and make my selections for an upcoming project. I will type up an interview w/ an old makeup artist friend for the PCF birthday party.

I will lose my head in some music with my headphones on. Hopefully I will talk to my best friend. I will sleep, around 3am.


Jenny Holiday said...

Ok I am exhausted from reading that.........mama mia!!!!!

Chels you RULE!!!!!

LOVE you!!!!


Elle The Heiress said...

I am so tired just from reading all of that.

Chelsea Ling said...

I am so happy and lucky to have a life filled with so many joys.. :) you two are some of them! hehe

Flashes of Style said...

Hey dear! Your blog is quite adorable, glad I found it.

Kristy Jo said...

Hi Chelsea, love your blog! Just wondering if I could ask a favor...could you add me to Pinterest? I saw that you are on there and I love your work. Just am not sure how to get on and it states that I need an invite. Thanks for any help. Kristy