Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Thursday...

Wow, this week flew by! I can't believe it is Thursday already. I went in to the hospital on Tuesday to have my cast removed, and was unfortunately sentenced to another two weeks in a cast :( boo! This is pretty stressful to me since my maternity leave is up and trying to find a job with a cast is.. well... impossible.

Anyyyways... onto happier things. I wanted to share a picture of the new cutie I made yesterday, this little felt cupcake magnet. I listed it on etsy and it has already sold but never fear, more are in the works. I attempted to sew a camper plush last night and ended up screwing it up... maybe tonight I will try to fix it. Wish me luck! Sewing "big" items is sooo not my thing lol :) Trying to learn new skills.

I've been doing a lot of work on Paper*Cakes finds these days, and I have a series of interviews coming up with some amazing artists. Holiday Jenny, Tim of Fantastic Toys, and LoveLeeSoaps to name a few! I can't wait to share those with everyone. If this is your first time finding out about Paper*Cakes finds - please go check out the blog! I started this new blog a couple of weeks ago and it has been going so well. Every day I feature cuteness that I find on the internet (mostly on etsy).

Anyyyways, I have got about 40 bajillion things to do so I better get off and do them! I am going to leave you with a picture of my favorite show right now (yes, I know this show is for kids but I totally adore it! Chromeo was on last week!! EEE!!).

If you want to know more about Yo gabba Gabba check out the wikipedia entry here. It's an awesome kids show with lots of indie music!


Paperprincess34 said...

It's adorable! Sewing isnt my thing. As soon as the machine sees me it breaks. I dont even have to touch it lol.

Sarah :) said...

Don't feel bad about not having a job least you're spending your time at home in a productive, creative way! :) Everything you make is magical, this cupcake is no exception

Yo Gabba Gabba cracks me up. My sister won't let my niece watch it because she thinks it's goofy (And the Wiggles and Barney aren't goofy?) But when I watched my niece while my sis was in the hospital having my nephew, we watched YGG every morning. *bwahahaha* And lo and behold, Livvie was walking around the house singing the songs! Whoops! ;)
(I also constantly do the "My name is Sarah! I like to daaaance!" thing with my dogs. They go crazy barking and wagging.

jemm_shine said...

Where are you thinking of getting a job?
That sucks about your case but it is better that they noticed that it wasn't ready now than later.

Angela said...

Good luck on the job hunt. I hope you can find something that will leave time for all of your creations.

The cupcake is adorable.

Anonymous said...

How cool is yo gabba gabba! I love it.

Hope the cast definitely comes off in 2 weeks for you so that you can find a job :)