Monday, April 20, 2009

Smoothie Recipe

We just made some really great smoothies, and I wanted to quickly share the recipe. I recently (I mean finally, whoops!) unpacked the blender we recieved as a wedding present and today I bought lots of smoothie ingredients at the store. Here is the recipe:

- 4 ice cubes
- 4-5 scoops of mango and mandarin flavored yogurt
- 1/2 can of each of pineapple and peaches
- some chunks of frozen fruit mix

All you do is blend. Super easy - yay! This is really quick in the morning and we can all enjoy it - I'm trying to make things that are Jude friendly as well as adult friendly.


Matt said...

The frozen fruit was all peaches and mango, and it was more like 1/3can of pineapple, FYI

Glitzer said...

The smoothie sounds yummy! I love it because it doesnt contain milk!