Thursday, April 16, 2009

Supply addiction anyone??

I have to confess, I am totally addicted to craft supplies! The reason I love crafts is really because I love supplies... I asked my twitter followers about this topic and you wouldn't believe the amount of replies I got! It seems I am not alone in my supply addiction.

On that topic.. here is a picture of my clearance haul from Michaels yesterday.

- Dollar bin Cupcake cards, $1.50
- American crafts spring ribbons, $0.75 - half price
- Making Memories little pink letter stickers - I am *addicted* to these - $2.99 down from $4.99
- Woodland critter stickers, down from $4.99 to $2.99 as well
- Dollar Bin chipboard circle thingies - $1.50

A pretty good score for around $20, if you ask me :) I also picked up a set of Martha Stewart clear stamps leftover from valentine's for $5 (Walmart).

I've been so busy with life stuff, packing orders, and spring cleaning lately that I haven't had much time to make new crafts... but I have some ideas in the works, like these new stickers.


Roxie said...

LOVE your blog! So colorful and full of eye candy!!!

Decor Addict said...

I've had to ban myself from Michael's and Deserres. I only allow myself to go in if I really NEED something, or else i'd be comletely broke!

BTW, thank you soo much for commenting on my blog! I love comments! :-)

Pieceful Bits said...

I have been doing much better in that department (hoarding supplies) but only cuz hubby has been unemployed for months.

What a great deal you got at Michaaels.

Holly said...

Yep, I'm the same, I'm obsessed with collecting craft stuff too. My stash would have looked very similar to yours, lol! :)

Matt said...

I'm addicted to Lorelei.

Purple Sparkle said...

I want to hop on a plane and check out this 'Michaels' place, I keep hearing so much about it! And I love those cupcake cards!

creative breathing said...

So funny Chelsea! Of course it's the supply addiction we need a support group for! Your pincushion will be in the mail on Monday. Could you let me know again the postal code? I know I'm suppose to have a number at the end, and I have a letter; so something is wrong. Have a great week! E

A Bushel and Peck said...

I have a supply addiction and problems with not wanting to use my pretty paper. It is wierd, I know! It's too pretty to use sometimes and only a fellow crafter could understand! Nice blog!