Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a day in my life...

this is just s list of my day in order..sorry for the boring text only post

- wake up, get dressed. grab jude, change him, grab baby and change him too. Take both boys downstairs, make a bottle and breakfast. Sometimes Matt wakes up with Jude a bit earlier and makes him breakfast if he is working a later shift.

- feed baby, Jude watches cartoons and drinks a sippy cup/eats breakfast and lays on his pillow. He likes to lay around when he first wakes up. I post something on twitter/facebook like a good morning, or something like that. I do my blogging while I feed the baby. I try to have the content for blog posts at least somewhat lines up before hand or it just takes too long, especially one handed html coding.

- I have google reader open all day and so I get going on that.. read some posts while blogging, tweet links. I HTML code 5-6 blog posts. Then after I code the blog posts I upload a photo to flickr for each of them. I have it set so that my blog feeds automatically to both facebook and twitter each time something is posted so that saves me time. As I'm doing this I am up about every 5 minutes tidying things or doing things with Jude like playing trucks or cutting and pasting things. Jude runs around a lot or plays with toys. He likes trucks and cars and things that he can push or ride. He also likes to go on our deck if it's warm enough outside.

- After my blogs are posted, I check emails. Well, technically, I'm checking emails all day. I have tweetdeck, flickr, facebook, etsy, and hotmail open at all times. I don't have a phone so most people contact me to make plans through twitter or facebook. Anyways, I use this time to respond to things, make any changes to the website. It's a lot of work to stay on top of everything, so it has to be constant. I make it work by checking 2-3 things in between a chore or giving either child attention. When feeding the baby I have to be sitting so I take advantage of that time to do "internet stuff", with one hand.

- I make lunch for Jude and I and we eat together and usually watch videos of yo gabba gabba on the computer or he runs around, lol. Sometimes my mom stops over on her work lunch break to eat with us.

- This usually takes us to nap time, for Jude. He sleeps for about 3 hours. I change him and put him down and we read a story and spend a little time together. If Jett is asleep I will either take or edit product photos, make product, pack and ship, or anything else little hands should not get into. I also do the bulk of my chores at this time like doing the dishes and picking up the house in general. I also try to squeeze in a shower if possible. I'm still tweeting and checking google reader and facebook during this. If I'm feeling naughty sometimes I take a nap. Sometimes friends pop in during the day.

- Jude wakes up, I change him, lays down on his pillow with a sippy again. I start cooking supper. Jude usually watches me or plays around me. I somtimes fit a bath into here. Baths come when they are needed during the day.

- Matt comes home, eats supper. I clean up after that. He takes over with Jude and plays with him and puts him to bed. I take care of the baby for most of the night while watching tv/responding to more emails/doing things I can get done from the couch. We talk about our days and spend time together. Matt watches sports or plays xbox. After Jett falls asleep around 11pm I am finally free to do something like more chores, read, or work on product photos/listing. Still tweeting, still facebooking. I try to fit in some me time after the kids are asleep, but it's hard because there is always still so much to do. I'm usually up until 2-3am.

- Wake up between 9-10 am and start all over again.


deb said...

I love your blog. Thanks so much for visiting and entering our giveaway.. Your babes are adorable. :)

jenny holiday said...

Ok....I'm exhausted just reading that! My goodness! I mean, not to say I don't cram farrr too much into a day myself..but ...gosh...being responsible for two littles....on top of everything else! Ok.. Wonder Woman!!! :)

You RULE!!!

You are reeeeally good at what you do Chels!!!!!!!

Happy Happy New Year!!!!