Monday, February 9, 2009


I just discovered an amazing etsy seller!! It is rare these days for me to get *soooo* excited over a new discovery, and I am thrilled to tell you all about them! I was searching for cupcake things (as I often do) and I came across these cute little felt plushies:

(note - click on the photos to go to the listings and see the pictures close up, it's worth it)

Now, these cupcakes are fabulous on their own but it was what I saw in the little "sellers other items" photos to the right that REALLY caught my attention.

yetis!!look at this cute little goat!

Oh wait, it gets better.

By this point I was squeeling with delight and my husband couldn't understand what was exciting me so much about sock puppets (I tried to tell him that I don't find hockey sticks exciting but when he tells me about them I at least try to act interested, hehe). So then I looked in her sold items and I found:

the details in this alice and wonderland set are amazingunicorn!
sasquatchsuper cute bat

Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen?? She makes them from her own patterns and they are made with no glue, they are all 100% hand stitched. They are tiny little works of art! I think kids need to play with things like this more than the video games and noisy toys that are popular these days, I know I will be buying some for my son. So go check out CherylAsmith!


Sarah :) said...

So cute! The stuff Etsy sellers are making outta felt these days makes my JAW DROP! I wanna buy a whole set of felt play food for my niece. It's just the absolute cutest stuff I've ever seen!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

There must be someone I can write (read: sue) since these awesome items were not available in my youth-or even when my children were young enough to appreciate them!

You have scored BIG here-I hope you buy loads of felties for your baby!

Mannie of MannieMandible said...

Aw, such a talented artist! I love the yetis and the cupcakes! Thanks for sharing your find!


Nancy said...

They are very cute! I love the Alice in wonderland characters.

Teresa said...

Those are adorable! And the cupcakes! Wow! Very cute! Cute and yummy!!! :)

Pieceful Bits said...

I already have her as a fav on my etsy! Arent her creations adorable?

ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh my goodness, those are soooo cute!!