Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some Late Night Ramblings

So.... it's 5:01 AM here in PEI, and I am blogging :) Those of you who follow me on twitter might know that I tend to be a bit of a night owl. I'm often asked if I ever sleep and I will often say that sometimes I don't (this is one of those times, lol).

I try not to get emotional on this blog (I have no problem blurting out random thoughts on twitter, but to sit down and write a paragraph tends to be a more daunting task for me) but I feel like I need to send out a little thank you tonight to the world in general :) I really believe that when you are grateful and thankful for what you have, that good things will come to you!

I am really blessed to live in a beautiful place, have an amazing family, lots of friends who I care about (all over the world, yay!), and a happy life full of stupid headbands, thrift store shopping, and spinning around my living room with my son. A life full of love and beauty and color.

What I really meant to say before I got all mushy is thank you for reading my blog, and looking at my crafts, leaving me comments, and supporting my little store/business! It means the world to me to be able to have this creative outlet, and to get to meet cool people at the same time. Things have grown to the point where I can no longer respond to every message anymore, but I do read everything :)

Anyways, now I feel really dorky for basically writing a love note to the internet <333

Also, here are some kittens I saw on my deck last week, just for fun.



conner.ash said...

Chelsea, you are doing an awesome job in your business. I've already told you a couple of times that you are an inspiration to me. So thank you for the inspiration!

Em said...

What a lovely post! Your site and store always bring a smile to my face and you're such a positive person that it's infectious!

koralee said... are so cute...I adore your lovely blog . I can't believe you are still up and have not gone to bed yet...I am just getting up at that time my dear! For getting no sleep you amaze me with your the cute things you make!

Torie Jayne said...

Lovely post! You make the cutest things! x

aimee! said...

It was very appropriate to end this post with KITTENS