Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Get Real

I've started to notice lately that the blogging trend these days is "It's a Wonderful Life" .. what do I mean by that?? Well, some of the blogs I'm reading just seem so fake, or impersonal. Well, yes, that is your impeccably styled home (and hair-do!) but is that *really* you? How long did that take to put together? Is it really an accurate picture of your life?

I don't know about you guys.. but as much as I enjoy eye candy, I just can't get invested in these "perfect" blogs. To me, the internet (and life) is all about relationships, and that kind of thing is just relationship-less! How can I relate on a personal level to perfect hair? I can't.. (I'm sitting here typing this with hair that I last washed... uh... when?) can you? I might just end up beating myself up over the fact that I can't achieve it.

Don't get me wrong - I love a beautifully styled blog and I strive for a beautifully styled life as well, but how much is realistic? I LIKE to know that other people struggle to keep their home clean, or that other mamas don't have time to curl their hair and put on makeup (there's poop on my shirt right now). I bet a whole bunch of you have dishes sitting in your sink RIGHT NOW. I love the imperfectness of humanity. We are naturally imperfect. I'm not sure where all this idealism came from.. I know it's not new.. but geez, aren't we tired of it yet?

The internet makes it easy for us to hide our shortcomings, but it also makes it far easier to connect with people on a level that we can't always reach in real life. We can share our thoughts and feelings so easily. Why can't we be more real? This isn't a show we're putting on, people! :P For a long time I was scared to show so many people my "real" self, but now that I am not, my relationship with the internet has become especially fulfilling. I strive to be an approachable and easy-to-talk-to person.. and becoming comfortable enough to just "be" has really helped with that!

I'm often asked how I got so many followers on twitter.. for a long time I never really knew what to say, but over the two years I have used it, it became clear - I am good at keeping up a relationship with people. I interact, ask questions, and listen. I remember (for the most part, it's hard with over 14,000 peeps!) who people are and what they are about. I care what they have to say, and am interested in the mundane parts of their life as well as the exciting. I get the same in return from people. It's true that you get what you put in, to everything.

Anyways, basically what I wanted to say here was... bring your real self to the internet, because you would be surprised how many people will appreciate it. I sure do :)



ellencrimitrent said...

Well you will never get that on my blog- especially if you read my current one- I put it all out there- life is way too short for bullsh*t !!:))

sassypackrat said...

I agree completely! Although sometimes I think I'm a little too real online, people seem to really like me for it. I'm the first to say I'm not perfect! I spend most of the day in my PJs with crazy bed head and can go weeks without physically talking to anyone other than my family. My studio is a mess 95% of the time as is my home and I agonize over my self doubt everyday and share my triumphs and failures on my blog and twitter.
I'm much more apt to read blogs and tweets from people who aren't super perfect. I suspect that super perfect people secretly drink or have affairs! ;0)

Karin said...

Then you just need to get over to my blog..... :0) Especially my studio....

Little Gray Pixel said...

I have dishes in my sink right now.

Elle The Heiress said...


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i hope you didn't mistake the deer image i created as a way to pretend that life is rainbows and unicorns all the time. for me personally i choose to work hard at finding the lovely that lives in my life because if i didn't i would be swallowed up the crap that surrounds it instead.

i think in the world (especially now because so many people are dealing with financial issues and more) people are choosing to find the bright side of things because it helps to put life in perspective and keep it joyful. i know it is for me.

with that said, i don't think that means that we should pretend that our you-know-what doesn't stink, because accepting the crap that comes with life makes the rest all the more beautiful. but that's just my humble opinion ;)

amber renee said...

You know I always feel like I say too much online.. but I just like to be honest. My life isn't perfect!