Friday, January 16, 2009

My favorite things about Winter...

Cold, crisp, clear days. I love the bright winter sunshine and how the air almost sparkles because of the cold. Ice crystals also make it less dark at night. I love the twilight glow that sometimes appears on winter nights, it seems less scary when it is slightly less dark.

Hot Baths and Showers. There is nothing better than getting into warm water when you are freezing cold! A book, candles.. maybe even some wine? :P Summertime baths just aren't the same.

Christmas! Of course, who doesn't love Christmas? And new years, because there are fancy dress parties.

Staying home more and spending time with Family. With less outdoor activities, we spend more quality time together, just hanging out.

Snow days. I hadn't had a snow day since I was in Elementary school before moving to PEI, where I have had 3 already this winter! There is something so cozy about being stuck at home with a storm raging outside. Of course, I hope the power never goes out during a blizzard.

Nesting. I find I get really homey during winter, and I want to make my space inviting and comfortable for my family. Although, my house is a crazy mess right now!

Rich foods. It's too hot during summer for all of the yummy winter treats.

Hockey Season. Did you know I am a big hockey fan? I love the Calgary Flames (of course!). This year is a bit sad for me though, since we aren't in Calgary. We used to attend at least 5 NHL games a season, more if we could. Now we settle for watching games on Saturday's at 11 at night since we can't get the West Coast games here. Becoming a habs fan might be easier... but my heart isn't in it ;)

Friends coming home. I have lots of friends spread around the country, and many come home to visit family during winter/the holidays. It's nice to be able to see everyone.

Cold nights. I love nothing more than to sleep in a freezing room, under tons of soft and coazy blankets. My bed is so comfy it makes getting up in the morning hard!


Whimsical Creations said...

Those are the great things about winter!

Anonymous said...

Go Habs Go! ;)
Your list is wonderful - makes me remember why I love living in wintery Canada.

Matt said...

Lovins of you!

Annette @ Designs By A Rose said...

I can't say I enjoy the cold, but I love everything else you mentioned. We are HUGE hockey fans. We love the Nashville Predators. I live in Charlotte, Tennessee, whcih is about 45 minutes northwest of Nashville...of course if I lived in Calgary I would be a Calgary fan, so no hard feelings. Anyway, I love your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday.