Monday, January 12, 2009

My Fave Tools

So, I have been meaning to write this post for ages, but there is always something to side track me! When did I get so busy?! I love love love that the shop has taken off in the last couple of weeks but I am definitely scrambling. I have some exciting news and I have new products to share, but that can wait!

I know that many/most of you who read this blog are crafts enthusiasts yourself, and if you're anything like me you love reading tips and tricks that other crafters have to share. I wanted to talk a little bit about the tools that I use every day and couldn't live without, I hope this inspires you!

Number One:

Cutter Bee Scissors. I love these scissors so much, I could never be without them now! They are small, sharp, and accurate. I do a lot of hand cutting and I would be lost without these. They can get right in and cut out the tiniest details. They are comfy to hold on to, and don't give my hand a cramp. I have had my pair for almost one year now and I use them for *everything* and they haven't dulled at all yet! Best of all, you can get them at almost any Walmart or Scrapbooking store for about $10. I have even seen pink ones around!

Number Two:

Basic Gray Rub On Roller. This thing is great not only for rub ons, but I use it for other things like cleaning my cricut mat after cutting and for cmoothing paper down when gluing. This tool is the best for applying rub ons though - it has a ball point end. Much easier than a popsicle stick!

Number Three:

Adtech Glue Runner. This thing is my baby! There are many glue runners on the market, but Adtech is cheap and widely available. It comes in dot glue (repositionable, good for paper) and a stronger version that I like to use for things like ribbon and felt. This one is available at Walmart and the refills cost $4 for 2 - a good price for me, I go through 4-5 refill packages a week sometimes.

Number Four:

Fiskars Threading Water Punch. I love a good scalloped edge, who doesn't? I use this punch in many of my products, predominantly cards and gift card holders. You can scallop any edge and it will look good, if you ask me! This is a punch that is definitely worth the investment.

There we go! These are my favorite tools! What are yours? Tomorrow I will post about some of my must have products so check back!


Oh Mandie! said...

Oh I'd be seriously lost without my CutterBee sissors! (Seriously one time I misplaced them and threw an "I'm not making a single thing until I find my scissors" fit)

LOVE your blog!

Melissa said...

ohh....those scissors sound nice... i may have to run to walmart and pick up a pair.. i've been needing some really sharp scissors that can do small details.
thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I have fiskars scissors that are like the cutterbee...and yes, they are definitely a MUST HAVE!!! and I too use the Adtech runners! Though i can't imagine going through 4-5 refills a week!!! OMG!!! :D

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Can I borrow your scissors? LOL. I have two little spaces I can't get into on a paper thingy right now!
Good luck with your new shop :) Your baby boy is precious :)

Plaidfuzz said...

I've been thinking about getting some border punches but I can't decide which ones. :)

Paper Propaganda said...

i used to use the adtech stuff too... BUT i found something that lasts longer, and in the end, saves you a lot more money! it does cost a few $ to buy the dispenser to begin with, but the cost savings i've already saved within a few months just making invitations is extraordinary!!

Stephanie said...

LOVE that punch - I've never seen that one before! I'll have to check for it at Michael's. You have a great blog!