Thursday, July 16, 2009

Calling all ETSY shop owners! :)

UPDATE: The ads are all sold out! If you wish to recieve a copy of the booklet, I will send you one for $3 - the cost of shipping and handling :)

I am putting together a Paper*Cakes publication/booklet/zine thing to hand out to the customers at my flea market booth, to put in with orders, and to pass around locally.

In this booklet there will be articles on why buying handmade is cool, how to thrift, home decor, what etsy is and how it works, tutorials, interviews, handmade culture, recycling and green living, and ads for individual handmade businesses.

I am looking for etsy shops or blogs who wish to advertise in this publication - it will be launching on Sunday! This issue will be the summer issue and will be handed out for free until the fall. My customers are very informed about Etsy in general and love handmade and vintage.

PEI has a lot of tourist traffic in the summer so this booklet could reach a very wide audience!

125x125 button ads will be a rate of $5
250x250 coupon ads will be $15
Etsy Mini Showcases will be $10

Please contact me at if you are interested as this offer is limited and priced very reasonably :) I want to spread the word about handmade but ink and nice paper is a bit spendy so these ads will pay for the printing of the publication.

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I am... said...

hey if you do another please do let me know, id be keen on advertising for kittyrobot.etsy