Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I love Thrifting by Chelsea Ling

I have come to realize as paper*cakes has grown how deep my love of thrifting goes back. As a child I can remember going to various thrift and consignment stores with my mother. I also always loved garage sales. Anyways, here is a list of why I love thrifting. Leave a comment and let me know why YOU love thrifting.

All photos are from my "Thrifted/Fun Finds" photo set on flickr.

1. It's a fun activity. I love to go garage saling on Saturday mornings, armed with a friend or family member and a Tim Horton's coffee. It's fun to see what kind of silly things your friends like or helping someone find a specific thing. It's also fun to go alone and just browse and see what is around... items change so quickly there is always something/one to see.

2. I don't need to buy so many new things. I don't need to pay a lot of money for new things, and the world could probably use a little less "stuff". Don't get me wrong, I buy lots of stuff new, but I still feel proud that I am contributing to recycling by chosing to buy items already out there than newly manufactured ones. Plus, with a little love an ugly item becomes so cute sometimes.

3. I have a shopping addiction, and thrifting is cheap. Thrifting feeds my love of silly things, craft supplies, fashion, and beauty for so little! I can find a treat on any budget. Your $20 goes so much further at a garage sale or thrift shop than it does at even walmart, and if you're in need of a cheap fix you can find a cute silver handbag for $2.

4. I'm snoopy. I like to see people's old stuff. I like to wonder about what they used it for, and why they are getting rid of it. I also like the social aspect of flea market or garage sale shopping :) I have fave vendors that I visit regularily.

5. Thrift stores are often run by non profit organizations, or at least donate some of their proceeds to help out the local community in some way. I like that me buying old junk helps people out, and I like that thrift stores provide jobs for local people, a place for people to drop off unwanted goods, and maybe an opportunity for those in need :)

6. You can find things like kitten plaques, ceramic owl napkin holders, and pink princess dresses with puffy sleeves. Items from time gone by that will never be made again, and one of a kind items too. It's always a thrill when you find this great knick knack or that perfect belt!

7. You can still get coupons, deals, and sales when thrifting. I recently used a $50 off of a $100 purchase at value village, and another local thrift store has a punch card that you collect points on as you spend. Thrift stores are trying to make money just like any store so they will offer you the same consumer deals as big box store.

8. When you go to different places, the thrift stores have different stuff. I want to go to Europe and see what I can find! :) Big dream! I am happy just to check out Value Villages in different cities, and make a point to try and stop at at least one junk-store type of place when travelling.

9. You can find ANYTHING. If you are a "browser" like I am, you like to go into stores and look and see what you can find... that is pretty much the best thing about thrifting - the constant surprise. I find that I always find the best things, and stuff I need when I go in with no plan and just look around :)

10. I love books. I love owning books, and reading books. I am bad at returning library books, so I like to buy them. Used books are way cheaper and always prevalent no matter where you go thrifting. Value Village even has a buy 4 books get a 5th book free - and kids books are $0.99!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

My reasons? All of the above! It's my favorite form of gambling, you just know there will be something fabbo just down the road (and there is). Unlike real gambling, I actually get great stuff for my quarters!

Brenda said...

happy sigh....I love all your junking stuff! I love junking for many of the same reasons you do. I just love finding a treasure where you least expect it and being able to take something from drab to fabulous.

Thrift Store Junkie said...

My goodness, your blog and posts could have been written by me and vice versa. We're very similiar. =D

LoopdiLou said...

Oh my god I have to have those blue casserole dishes! I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! :)

I'll content myself with a picture of them on my wall... they're so beautiful!