Saturday, July 25, 2009

My genius plan...

So, I have been really struggling the past couple of months to keep up with my growing business and my growing child at the same time. After this week, I will be officially switching to "the night shift". My plan is to work from 9-2am on crafting, listing, and packing and processing orders - then have a nap when Jude naps during the day. I will be able to get my internet obligations taken care of during the daytime hours - and I really like staying up late and also napping - so I think this just might solve my problem! Here's hoping anyways :)

I am so happy and so grateful to be busy like I am so early into this venture... but it has definitely been a challenge to balance family and Paper*Cakes. Thank you all for being so patient with me as my little business grows and changes.

Anyways, I also have some photos to share! I was given a disk of photos taken at my wedding by a good family friend and I was soooo excited to see them! He got some really *amazing* detail shots. It really gave me a better perspective of what the wedding was like from the point of view of the guests.

Jude is camping with family tonight, so Matt and I are going to relax at home and watch Coraline in 3-d on our flat screen! I am going on a crafty marathon tonight - the plan is to make 100+ items. I really need more etsy stock and more stock for the flea market and I need to take advantage of a Saturday to get it done! Hope you all have a lovely evening!



conner.ash said...

The photos from your wedding are stunning! Love the colors you used. :) Good luck in your craft marathon tonight. I was really hoping to get some more supplies this weekend so I could build up my inventory as well but it doesn't look like I'll be able to do that. Looking forward to lots of new items and hearing about how your flea market goes. When are you going?

Rashell said...

Wow, it was all so lovely!

I'm rooting for you to get it all done. But please be careful that you don't wipe yourself out.

By the by... I love the little flower ring you have in your etsy shop.


aka NanasGiftNook

jarsika said...

Just BEAUtiful! Love the color combos. Everything looks delicious!

Diane said...

Wow your wedding looks like it was amazing! Beautiful colors. Hey don't be too hard on your self. It is almost impossible to do anything when one of our young grand babies is here. So kudos to you girl! have fun tonight.
Hugs, Diane

Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

Wow, first... Hat's off to you and your schedule. You are one driven and determined woman and I salute you!

Second, the photos are beautiful. What a lovely cake! Was it as good as it looks? I'll just bet it was.

NoraAnne said...

Your wedding photos are STUNNING! Everything looks amazing!
I know how hard it is to keep up with a growing boy while trying to run a business, that's for sure! But you seem to do a GREAT job with it and you certainly inspire me :)
100+ items, that is REALLY ambitious, makes me tired just thinking about it...LOL!
Good luck tonight and tomorrow, next week and next month! You will certainly be a big(ger) success with all of your wonderful plans and ambition!

Cami said...

I love naps. Great plan. I live in Mexico where a siesta is not frowned upon. :)