Tuesday, July 21, 2009

De-Junk your home and make fast cash!

I'm sure we all have that closet that is scary to open.. you know the one - items shoved inside so tightly that when you even touch the doorknob everything bursts out?? I am here to save you! Here are some tried and true (by me anyways!) ways to clear out your house and make some extra cash. Who doesn't want a little bit of extra spending money these days? It feels really rewarding to turn your old junk into money you could use on something fun for the summer!

1. Set a date for a garage sale, or rent a table at a local flea market. If you set a date, you have something to prepare for and you can't put it off! Many of us think this is too much work and end up putting it off as a "someday" project while living with the annoying clutter!

2. Look into advertising if you are having a yard sale. Most people advertise in the Saturday paper, but garage sales can also be found on Facebook, local classified websites, and more. Google to see what you can find in your area! Newspaper ads usually cost about $20, and online advertising is often free. Don't forget to tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Post signs around your neighborhood, and use arrows and balloons to attract attention and guide people to your home.

3. You don't a yard or a garage! Many cities have flea markets that rent tables. You can also get creative and even use your parking spot if that's all you have. Use folding tables, boxes, rugs, towels, blankets, and more to display items. If you live in an apartment building, check with your building manager and see if you can have a garage sale on the lawn or in the parking lot. Why not make it a community effort and try to get your whole building involved?

4. Try to get those around you involved. It's fun to have company! Being around others working on the same project helps me stay motivated and think of ideas. Plus it's always nice to have someone to cover bathroom breaks, handle busy crowds, and help with setup and take down. Make it a neighborhood or family event!

5. Go through your home and start packing items into bags and bins. I recently did this and I got rid of a whole bunch of baby stuff, lots of clothing that no longer fit from all 3 of us, household goods, things I no longer needed, etc. You never know who wants that thing you think is ugly - chances are someone will pay a few bucks for it! Go through each room and sort out your things little by little. If it isn't a keepsake and you haven't used it for 6 months, get rid of it. Remember that you will be able to buy some new items or replacement items with the cash you make!

6. Don't forget about Ebay, Half.com, Craiglist, Online Classifieds, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle, and Kijiji! You could have a virtual garage sale, just take pictures of your items and post them online and see who is interested! I sold a lot of bigger ticket baby items like this :) local pickup is easy.

Using these tips I made $600 from the old goods in my home over a 3 week period :) What can YOU make? Good luck!


kelly!?! said...


Brad and I are moving to Toronto in a week and have spent the last five months liquidating all the crap we don't need, as well as some of our furniture that we're going to replace (with cheap Ikea stuff) when we get to Toronto. We've used kijiji almost exclusively with one trip to the Halifax Forum Flea market and we made almost 3000$!

We sold so much stuff that I never thought anyone would want to pay for, it's amazing!

Pieceful Bits said...

Wow! Way to go!

thehangingflower said...

Great post!I've recently been cleaning things out and looking for places to sell. Tried Ebay and didn't really get anything. I think I'm on to Craigslist next. Considering the Yard sale but once again.... one of those things I say I'll do someday! The $600 you got is pretty motivating though!:)

conner.ash said...

I've been preparing for a flea market trip to sale some of my handmade stuff, I think I'll add some odd and ends from around the house. Thanks for the post. Hearing your store is quite motivating to get this done!

ittybittybirdy said...

LOL I have a whole basement full. LoL but our home has NO closets.

I was wondering.... did you ever get your cards?

I hope you are well. I've missed our chats. But being busy or keeping busy and the sun have been keeping me away from the computer

Chelsea Ann