Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love you guys!

Thanks everyone for reading my post yesterday and responding with such nice, encouraging comments :) I am lucky to have such sweet and amazing readers! I don't think I tell you guys often enough how greatful I am to have so many people reading here and taking an interest in my business, but also in my life. Aww, mushy moment!! hehehe..

So I'm feeling better today... and I want to share a recipe for a somewhat odd, but delicious (and CHEAP!) meal that I made a couple of days ago.

I'm not sure what to call this.. because it was kindof a mishmash of what I had in the fridge, but I'm sure you all have similar ingredients in your fridges too. I had some leftover quesedilla filling which consisted of garlic, peppers, onions, and roasted chicken, so I added that in a frying pan on the stove to:

1 Can of onion soup
1 Can of mushroom soup
some frozen mixed vegetables
a little bit of milk
salt/papper to taste

And then I simmered that mixture for about 30 minutes... wow it was delish! If your sauce is a bit watery, add a bit of cornstarch to the mixture as it is cooking. I served it over brown rice. You could use whatever meat you have left over in your fridge, or don't even use meat at all! Now, I am a picky eater and even *I* loved this! My husband of course loved it because he is easy to please, lol :)

Now that I've shared my little recipe, I want to talk about this new show that I have discovered: True Blood! I've seen two episodes so far, have you seen it? It's done by Allan Ball - the creator of Six Feet Under (which is one of my all time favorite shows) and I think it's great! Vampires seem to be the hot thing right now, but I've always liked Vampire shows/books. I was a huge Buffy fan! I love Anna Paquin as Sookie... she is too cute. Anyways, if you haven't seen it and you think you might like it, it's on HBO.

Uh oh.. Jude is waking up... gotta run! :)


Courtney von T said...

True Blood is the best!!!! It is based on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books which are amazing and even better than the show!!!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea, I watched this show when we had HBO free for a month in November. I also liked Big Love. The one to check out though if you like vintage is Mad Men on AMC. It is not at all predictable like the HBO series. There are so many layers it's amazing. Everything in the background means something, and you know I love backgrounds! I didn't get a chance to comment the other day that I hope you do go back to work part-time. Your baby will thrive in daycare or at home with your husband, and you will both make the most of your time together. It all works out Chelsea, trust me on this one. You will thrive as well being in the work force with people your age. With your positive attitude, any choice you make will be the right one! E Oh, I got my cards and tag today - Oh my gosh they are cute. I used your pink and white string on my little Valentine garland. Chelsea Ann went gaga over it; so I sent it to her. Give a girl something cute....