Monday, December 1, 2008

A case of the Mondays...

How are you all today? I'm feeling pretty icky :( I have IBS and it has been acting up lately, especially with all of the Birthday celebrations of eating/drinking. I feel annoyed because I hardly accomplished anything today (so far anyways). I haven't blogged much lately, sorry guys. Life has been busy!

I woke up to an *awesome* email from Tim of Fantastic Toys telling me I had won his white reindeer giveaway, and I just about died! I am so in love with his plushes but I knew I wouldn't be able to afford one this year. Have you seen his stuff? I have shown photos before here... so maybe you have seen some of them. He also has a shop on etsy, and photos on flickr.

Isn't the reindeer adorable?! It's a Holiday limited edition! I just can't get over how lucky I am :) Just for fun, here are some more photos of Tim's cute creations.

Now that I have shared my awesome news, I wanted to mention that my good friend Elizabeth aka Creative Breathing is doing some giveaways on her blog this month - and you should check them out because she makes amazing crafts! Do you remember the embroidered heart I posted a while back with my name on it? Well she is the one who made it! Check out her blog and bookmark it! She writes really heartwarming little stories and shares great photos too. Here are a few of her photos from flickr:

I haven't forgotten about the gift guides.. they were just put on hold for a few days ;) This time I'm going to do jewelery, something I am just discovering on etsy. I haven't purchased any yet but I think I want some cute earrings... or a lovely necklace. Anyways, please do tell me who your favorite etsy sellers are for jewelery. Here are some of my most recent faves.

Pink Lampwork Earrings Peas in a Pod Necklace
Oui Non Bird Earrings A little birdy told me..
Red white and turqoise Spouts
Rose Garden Necklace pretty in pink


Sarah said...

Lucky you! That little deer is beyond adorable. Love your jewelry picks too.

jencoe said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl!!! I love his plushies and you won one! That's too awesome!

Randi said...

I went and bought a bracelet. Thanks for turning me on to some great shops.

Lova Revolutionary said...

Mega cute!!

Courtney von T said...

Congrats on winning you lucky girl! Hope that makes you feel a bit better....take care hun!

saffron said...

OMG! You are SO lucky! I've loved these little creations for a long time now!

alice said...

c'est tres beau
j'adore les petite peluches

Anonymous said...

So so cute !!