Friday, December 19, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Morning everyone :) Hope this Friday finds you well! I have a couple of Christmassy photos to share as well as many new cards! I will start with the Christmas photos, since the first one makes me *so* happy.

Remember a little while back when I posted that I had won a limited edition white reindeer plushie from Tim of Fantastic Toys? Well, he arrived! Isn't this the cutest, sweetest reindeer you have ever seen? It really made my Christmas to be the winner of this little guy! Our Christmas decorations were mostly ruined in a flood this summer so I have had to start over... this little guy is the star of my collection! Please check out Tim's etsy shop - he makes amazing plushes with incredible details and high quality craftsmanship. Tim is one of the many artisans who could be affected by the new CPSA laws so please do try to purchase something from him before February 10th, when he could possibly be forced out of business by this silly new law!

Did you think my reindeer was all I had to show you??? Wait, there is more! I'm sure that you have all heard of Jenny Holiday (and if you haven't, you *need* to visit her flickr photostream... it is filled with some of the most amazingly delicious eye candy I have ever seen!) and her Shop. Well, I ordered an ornament from her and to my surprise when it arrived she had included another ornament for me, totally free of charge! Jenny is one of the sweetest people I have met in blogland and I am so happy to say that we are friends! Just check out these lovely ornaments:

My photos don't do them justice - I just couldn't seem to pick up the lovely glitter details. The cupcake one was the bonus ornament - isn't it sweet? She picked out a perfect cupcake for me - pink with a Cherry on top! Jenny and her boyfriend Aaron sell ornaments, prints, and original artwork in their Etsy store so please check it out! They also blog!

Now onto the cards! I was a busy little cardmaker this week and have made quite a few new designs. I have begun to focus on spring and Valentine's now that the Christmas retail season is done for me. What do you think of the cards?

Each of these cards are now available for sale in my etsy shop, if you click on the individual pictures they are linked to the listings :) I have also listed a lot of new tags, gift card holders, and notecards recently.

I hope that everyone is excited for Christmas now. This year will be the first year that I have Christmas dinner in my own home - I feel like such a grownup! lol :) I hope to wow my family with a really yummy dinner. In addition to turkey I am making a yummy turnip and potato gratin that I saw on Martha Stewart, Yummy Stuffing, Roasted Honey Glazed Carrots, and maybe a little something else. My mom is bringing Asparagus puff pastry with Holandaise sauce and my Mother In Law makes amazing desserts, so I think she is bringing a trifle! I can't wait :) I promise to post lots of photos. This is Jude's first Christmas so I am so excited to see what he thinks of it. He likes wrapping paper, so I hope he has fun. Speaking of the little guy... I'm going to end this post with a picture of him from yesterday:

He makes this face all the time now... I think he is trying to learn how to use his lips.. he seems to be pretty close to talking. Here's hoping that his first word is "momma" hhehe.. bye for now everyone!


Amber Vlangas said...

I have been following you on twitter and just love your work! Thought it was time to stop by to say hello :) Thanks so much for sharing.

I also love the reindeer and ornaments. Good job to all!

Amber Vlangas
Everyday Christian Mom
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Leila said...

Gorgeous little reindeer!

Your work is super talented. I would love to be able to be as creative as you.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh! I love his little orange hair!!! It's the same shade as my little one!!! Awwwww!!!! :D

(oh and by the way, i absolutely adore your stuff!!)

--tablescraps on

Carmen said...

I adore your new cards! Your baby is too cute!

ChezChani said...

I'm drooling, over the dinner AND the cards!

Holly said...

Aww that reindeer is adorable! Especially his little pink nose!

I think my favourite new card of yours is the "amore" one. :)

Zak said...

I just came across your work on twitter, flickr and Etsy. You are so talented and creative! I love your cards, very unique. Can't wait to see more of your work..going back to reading the rest of your blog!

jenny holiday said...

All of your cards are just the sweetest Chels!!!

And ohhh my gooodness!! How much for the kid??? ;)

Ooooh he is as sweet as a carrot cake cupake!! LOOOVE him!!

XOXO Jenny

jenny holiday said...

So so happy you like your ornies!! You are a sweetheart!! So happy we "met"! :)

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!!!!
xoxo Jenny...and Aaron

Beth Perry said...

I love your cards! THe ones with the big brown ribbon are my fave!!

Robin said...

Your cards are FANTASTIC! (And I am a fellow card maker, so I know a thing or two about such things... LOL!) Amore is my favorite one. So pretty!
Oh, and the baby? So freaking adorable! What a face!
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!
:) Robin
cinnamon & honey

Mommy2Liam said...

Your decorations are great! The cards are fantastic!

So I don't love cooking mass dinners for people, but it does make you feel like a grown up. We are going to do Christmas breakfast.... Let's see how that goes!

i cant sew said...

what a lovely blog. your baby is so sweet, his first christmas will be so much fun. we are having christmas at our house this year and i am excited too. i have visions of great table settings etc... we will have to wait and see. merry christmas xx rosey

Nancy said...

I don't know which one is cuter, the reindeer or your sweet little baby!haha

Sew Fragrant said...

I still can't get over how sute that reindeer is!! He's adorable!! Congrats!

Shealynn Benner said...

That reindeer is ADORABLE!!! I want one! ;)

TheresaJ said...

Congrats on the Reindeer win, and the following ornaments are fabulous. Love your cards, and you little tot is adorable!!! Just sooooooo cute! I bet Mama is coming soon, if it hasn't already. :)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

AAGGHH!!! Your little guy is so CUTE!!!!! I could just kiss his cheeks all day long! Which I am sure you do, I mean, how could you NOT with a precious face like that! I LOVE his read hair being that I am a redhead too! Can you believe out of five boys, I only got one with red hair, lol!