Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let me count the ways....

Hey everyone! Sorry I have missed a few days of blogging :) It's been busy here, and today is MATTS BIRTHDAY!! :) My very favorite husband is turning 26 today...

Isn't he cute? Well, I think so, hehe. I decided that in honor of Matt's Birthday I am going to share 26 things that I love about him..

- I really love how much he makes me laugh, and how much fun we have together. And now that we have a son, we all giggle :D

- He's tall! I love how tall he is, it makes me feel like the small girl and that I am protected :D

- He has great taste in music, and introduced me to some bands that are now my very favorites... but without him I never would have given them a chance.

- He has really nice hair, baldness is not in his horizion - ever!

- His family is amazing and accepted me as one of their own, and family is very important to him.

- He is accepting of my quirks/crazyness, and puts up with me!

- He is really genuine and sincere, a real nice guy ;)

- He knows almost every simpsons joke there has ever been, and randomly quotes them.

- If you need to know something about sports, ask him and there is a good chance that he knows!

- When we were living in Calgary far away from his family, they sent Christmas letters and he teared up when reading them.

- I love how he rolls up in his blankets like a giant taco, then he has a hugging pillow, a foot blanket, and....

- He has a comfort blanket named big bird, which is smelly and disgusting but he loves. And that's pretty cute.

- His cheeks are soft.

- He's an amazing daddy!

- He drove me alllll the way across Canada. I played Nintendo DS for 8 days while he drove... what a sweetie.

- He thnks almost everything I do is funny, or cute. I'm forever saying "what?!" and he says "Oh you're just cute"

- He is the best friend I've ever had.

- He works so hard for his family. Up until last week he had two jobs, and would still tidy up the house and feed/put Jude to sleep at night to give me a break.

- When I come to bed at night and he is already asleep, he hugs me.

- I love how we have "Family jumping time" every day after work, where he, Jude and I all jump up and down and giggle together.

- I love when he gets home from work and I feel like a dead mommy he looks at me like I'm beautiful!

- I love how cute he looks in a sweater vest.

- I love how he fusses over his hair in the rear view mirror.

- He is so proud of being Dutch, and owns a *lot* of dutch soccer merchandise, hehe.

- When I clean, he always tells me how nice the house looks and make me feel appreciated. He also likes my cooking even when I think it is boring, and always has something nice to say about my crafts :D

- I love how easy it has been to come up with 26 things I love about him, and how I could keep going forever..

So here's to you hon.. I hope the next 26 years of your life are as awesome as the first :) And I'm so happy I get to be there with you!


Randi said...

How very sweet! Sounds like you got a winner.

Keira said...

Aww wow! I love how you started it off by saying he's your very favorite husband!! You guys sound like the cutest couple ever. I also think it's cute that you guys have family jumping time! You can tell reading the list that these things came to you with such ease. I would say you are both very lucky to have each other!
PS...I hope you guys have a fun birthday celebration!

Diane said...

How darling what true LOVE priceless (:
Hugs, DIane

creative breathing said...

Chelsea, Your young marriage fills me with happiness! The best marriage advice I ever received and the only I ever give is that if you ever have a horrible fight and think it's time to throw in the towel, look at your fella, do you still see these original 26 qualities in him. If you do, then any fight is worth staying together. Thanks for sharing these beginning days from someone who 30 years later can still put a check by all 27 reasons! E

jenny holiday said...

Awwwww you are adorable!! Such a sweet sweet couple!! Love this post!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Matt!!!

So happy to have found your happy lil world!

Love from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny

Babz said...

Awwwww that is so sweet to read Chelsea! Hope you all have a great Daddy Birthday!

gkgirl said...

this was sweet.

Bloggymommy said...

I love pics like those! Too cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're sooooo very crafty! I love it here! ;)