Friday, November 21, 2008

Argh! :)

So, my personal life has been a bit dramatic the last couple of days... it's wearing me out! I've always been the type of person who does everything she can to avoid conflict.. bah! And, a TV we had in our sotrage unit was stolen :( I was hoping to sell it, since we had no use for it anymore. Ah well... I keep telling myself that maybe the person who took it needed it more than I did.

On the upside, I thought my Christmas stuff got water damaged this summer, but it didn't! Yay! I even found a little pink miniature tree that I'm going to set up in my studio.

Anywho.. onto some happy things. I've been making some ornaments! Here are some pics:

So far I've finished two pink, and two aqua, but I have 6 more little felty gingerbread men in waiting! I think they are so cute.. I am going to keep a couple of these for myself :) I rarely keep my crafts, but I want these!!

And now onto today's gift guide - no theme today other than "stuff Chelsea likes" hehe.

Deer pincushion with matching pins
Cute holiday stocking
I want this for my kitchen!!


ittybittybirdy said...

hope the drama just flutters away!

Coco said...

cute, I have a gingerbread tree that NEED their accompaniment.

Angela said...

The Gingerbread Men are cute!

gkgirl said...

i heart your taste...
and those gingerbread men,
i can see why you would want
to keep some for yourself...
so sweet!

jenny holiday said...

Hey Chels!!! Loving your gift guides!!! fun fun fun!!! Loving everything to bits!!!

Cannot wait to get my lil gingerbread man ornie!! So so sweet!!!

Hope you are enjoying your snowy Sunday!
Love from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny

Jennifer said...

these little gingerbread people are sooo CUTE! my daughter would love having them for her tree! :)