Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrifty Thursday - Mushroom Soup Porkchops

Sorry guys, no pics this time :)

I don't know about you, but I have definitely been pinching the grocery budget lately and trying to cook at home more often. This recipe isn't new or fancy, but it's cheap, easy, and has stood the test of time (both my husband and I ate this all the time as children). I made this for supper tonight and it went over very well with the whole family.

Mushroom Soup Porkchops

Cost Breakdown:

12 Porkchops - $10
2 Cans Mushroom Soup - $2.60
1 Can Mushroom Pieces $.99
1 Onion - $0.40
1 Heaping Teaspoon of Chopped Garlic (from a jar)- $.08

Total: $14.08

This made our meal tonight, plus I filled two plastic containers with three porkchops each for later and still had enough gravy left to freeze a container of it too.

How to Do it:

Pour two cans of Mushroom soup into a large crock pot
Add onions, garlic, canned mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste
Brown Porkchops in frying pan, and add to crock pot
Turn Crock pot on high and cook for 5-6 hours

Voila! I serve mine with rice

Oh also - Matt wants me to tell everyone how he is doing a really good job cleaning up right now and that he's a super good husband, and is finally throwing out old socks that he has been holding onto for far far too long. And to make sure I emphasise the far far cuz it's important. His words! Lol :) He is putting away all the laundry... love him!

Back to making cards for now!

PS: Check out the awesome ornament I bought on etsy today from Lindsd620!


Angela said...

That is a cute ornament! I make those porkchops too! I use Golden Mushroom. Is that what you use?

Keira said...

My family used to make this for me, I just never was sure how it was made! Sounds pretty simple, like I could actually do it, haha. My only problem is getting Mr. Man to eat anything other than steak, lol. It definitely makes grocery budgeting harder when you live with someone who wants beef EVERY day haha! I totally understand the sock thing, except mine didn't go through and throw them out, I have been sneakily throwing old socks out when I do laundry. One day he will catch on, you know, when he puts on socks and theres none with holes lol. That ornament is super I said, you find the neatest stuff on etsy.

Lily said...

I hate mushrooms but I make something similar with cream of chicken that ornament

Beth Perry said...

I love that little ornament! So cute!! :P
Have a good weekend!

ittybittybirdy said...

tonight I am making chili in my slow cooker... I think I will try this tomorrow! Thanks... do you have to make that many chops?

aimee! said...

I throw out Cory's old underwear/socks when I do laundry as he holds onto things for WAY too long too.

I have no idea why some boys do this. When there are plenty of visible holes THEY NEED TO GO.

Chelsea Ling said...

you could easily half the recipe

MJ said...

Hi! I found your site through TCB. :) My family used to make something similar. Except they added a packet of brown gravy mix, a can of cream of celery soup and served it over crunch Chinese noodles (the kind in a can). YUMMY!