Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday! :)

This is just a quick post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of my favorite ladies! Isn't it funny that you two share the same Birthday?? (both my sister in law and another very good friend had Birthdays on Thursday and my best friend Courtney's birthday is later in the month - I think it's no coincidence that all of these girls are born in June!).

Anyways, Happy Birthday Aimee and Chelsea Ann! I hope you both have a fun day today and remember that if you weren't born the world would be a little bit less cool! Both os these gals have flickr photostreams, check out some of their photos below. (click them to view full size - they will look much nicer and less blurry!)

Chelsea Ann



aimee! said...

awh thanks sweets! yay birthdays!

Meekiyu said...

happy bday to both of yas! Those are some awesome pictures! =D

ittybittybirdy said...

oh hehe what a surprise and a treat! You are such a lovely friend Chelsea! I just adore you! And I think I'm going to start saving 10$ a month so that someday we can meet!!!!

hehe i'm a wondering something!? How do you comment back on blogger. You've done it twice and I NEED no MUST know how you do this! Because my little blog is growing and I don't get a chance to say hello and thank you to people like I should and I seem to have to go to their blog and then I have to read a post because that would be very rude.... and well I just don't have the time anymore :( Please what is your secret? I'm a dunce? is it very obvious?

Have a supper lovely day and thanks again! You tickled my heart!

Vanessa said...

Great pics! Happy Birthday!