Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a quick post to announce....

The job positions! :)

I'm sorry I took so long to get these officially "blogged" - I had no idea how many applications I would get! I want to thank each and every one of you who applied and assure you that I had the hardest time deciding and I am keeping some applications on file for anything that may come up in the future.

I was so happy reading the emails - it seems a lot of you are lurkers here and I really felt like I finally got to know who my audience is! :)

So, I have hired three people for the paper*cakes team! They will be working with me PT to help me grow my business, and allow me to spend a bit more time with my family (and my housework, boooourns lol).

Keira: Keira is a mommy to 2 little girls and lives in Manitoba, Canada. She has a digital scrapbooking blog and is going to be helping with record keeping, document design, and processing. She is a long time paper*cakes reader!

Nicole: Nicole is from Portland, Indiana and she is a student. She will be in charge of Media Relations/PR and will be helping to maintain the paper*cakes flickr group, myspace page, and paper*cakes finds twitter account. She will be posting comments, answering some questions, and chatting/sharing with people. Nicole likes photography and scrapbooking! Check out nicole's flickr photos.

Aimee: Aimee is from PEI and will be working with me locally to help me ship packages, prep and photograph merchandise, and list items on etsy, and model in photos. Aimee likes photography, music, and she is super fun :) Visit her blog and flickr.

Another post will be made soon with official bios and pictures of each new team member! :)


As a closing bonus, I would like to offer everyone who applies a 20% off discount to the shop and a free gift with any purchases over $10 - today and tomorrow only - please use the code: PCAKESJOBS


nikolina100 said...

yea!! Congrats to the winners, erm I mean, New Hires!!
Good Luck ladies!

nikolina100 said...

Yea!! Congrats to the winners! Er, um, I mean New Hires!!
Best of Luck ladies :D
and thanks for the discount!! oh boy oh boy!!!

Mesha said...

Aww I didn't get it :'D
Haha anyway ! You picked some amazing people !
Fresh faces for Paper*Cakes yay !
I was checking the blog for the millionth time today when I refreshed and found the post haha
Anyway, I SO hope to hear from you all soon now ! Fresh work for an amazing blog.. it keeps getting better !

Mesha said...

Also ! haha you messed the "the shop" url.
It takes you to
thought i'd point it out haha

Venezie Bags said...

that is so nice - congrats to you and your new staff!

Linda said...

What a terrific idea. Good luck with everything. I'll be watching the progress.
Linda B.

welovetucker said...

sad for me, but happy for three qualified people!