Monday, June 30, 2008

Absent yet again

Well, it looks like I oficially fell off the wagon with the blog challenge, oops!! I have been so busy between Wedding planning, Trip Planning, Canada Day, and just Summer in general. It's so nice outside and I don't want to be cooped up typing away all day anymore as fun as that is :P Although, I need to remember proper sun protection - as I learned on Saturday when I attended a BBQ and got a verrrry bad sunburn on my face and neck. I look extra stupid, and it hurts a lot. I should know better than to sit in the sun (even the semi cloudy sun with a breeze) for three hours with no sun screen.

On Saturday I dragged my mom out garage saling (and then Sunday I went to the flea market) and picked up quite a few good things including a shelf, some glass containers, a beautiful mini chandelier for my craft room, books/toys for jude, some sewing patterns, an umbrella stroller, some stamping markers, home decor magazines, an IKEA mosquito netting for above the bed that was brand new, various picture frames, etc. There was more but the list is getting kinda long lol. My new favorite thing to do is hunt around in people's used junk for treasure. It's just so satisfying to get a good find and not spend very much money.

I am leaving for Alberta in 9 days (wow that snuck up on me) so I am probably not going to be around too much for the next couple of weeks. I have to get my wedding invites completed and pack and all of that good stuff that comes with going away. I am getting *so* excited to see my friends and family, especially my Grandfather and Courtney. I picked up a little something "PEI" for Courtney's little guy Xander. I'm a bit nervous about flying with Jude, but in general he is a good baby, so I hope he does well. I just would hate to be that person with the screaming baby that everyone is giving nasty looks, lol.

Anyyyyways.... I should go clean up a bit in my house. We made a serious dent in it yesterday but unfortunately there is still much to be done. Grr. OH btw - I am finally getting ready to open an etsy store! I'm working on a bunch of pre-made scrapbook LO's, handmade baby stuff, and handmade home decor. Knowing me it will probably take me a while to get everything ready, but at least I'm workin' on it! I hope to open full-swing after the wedding is all done with so watch for that :)


Courtney von T said...

My dream since i was a little girl was to get one of the IKEA nets...i thought it would be the closest to making your bed a princess bed....*sigh*
I am so excited about you coming you blog challenge ditcher! :)

Matt said...

That's right, you clean. Clean it ALL

Helena said...

It was fun reading your blog, good luck with wedding!!!

and oh BTW
Check out my blog - you have been awarded XXX

IronBoxNelles said...

LOL< i'm so excited to set up vince's leaf 'covers' again! they aren't quite mosquito nets but they are quite cool. we didn't have the space to set 'em up here.

i'm sure jude will do well on the plane. PS - it's really only the parents who don't do anything to pacify their crying babies that people least try to ccalm him down and people will sympathsize!

Amy said...

I fell off the blog wagon too - vacation did it in for me!

Courtney von T said...

BTW Xander loves his lobster!