Friday, June 13, 2008

All about ME :)

I seem to have been a bit absent from blogging lately. I've been obsessed with reading home decor websites and searching youtube for videos on organizing and DIY products for the home. When I was pregnant, I was unable to do any nesting due to moving and all of that and now that I can I am *loving* it!!! :) I am working on my scrap room usually every day and it's really coming together. I have so many plans for things around the house. For example;

I'm going to hang a set of brown curtains on either side of my shower. I have a curtain with blue/brown swirls already so this will look really cool! There are already hooks on the shower to pull them aside with.

Planning on picking up some shiny aqua material and making faux curtains on the door of my craft cabinet. I am so into pink/aqua lately!

I want to build a little window box for underneath the window in our upstairs bathroom, and paint it blue. There used to be a towel bar there but it broke and we can't find a bar that fits in the fixtures so I'll build the box just big enough to fit between them, and then store rolled up towels and stuff in it.

Currently working on a hanging bird mobile for the scraproom and a 'create' banner.

Covering my formula can in PP so it looks pretty on the counter.

Using a bunch of tin cans and got gluing them together after covering in paper to create a pen storage space (so that they can lie flat).

Adding fabric underneath my coffee table to hide the baskets on the shelf under it. Almost like a bedskirt for a coffee table lol! I want to do this w/ my computer desk and the table in the scraproom too.

I have a bunch of art to hang on the walls, esp in the living room. I have a painting above the TV that says my name on it.. and I want to add more around the tv in a big random group, so the TV is like a picture itself. The plan is to do a rainbow color scheme and start with red on the left and end with violet on the right.

I need more time in the day!! And money for that matter. I'm hoping to go to garage sales some day soon and pick up things for my home that I can alter.

Anyways... onto the big blog challenge for the day.. blog about yourself. Hmm.. where to start?? I don't really like talking about myself all that much, I find it hard to come up with interesting things to say lol! So, I'm going to just post a few random facts about me.

1. I spent my entire life in Alberta and now I live on Prince Edward Island.
2. I have a 2 month old son.
3. I am getting married on september 27th.
4. My favorite color is pink.
5. I'm scared of the dark.
6. I like dancing and indie music.
7. I'm pretty funny, especially once you know me better.
8. I have kinda big feet.
9. I'm a perfectionist, a worrier, and get anxious a lot. I'm hard on myself.
10. I probably nag Matt too much.
11. I appreciate a really good piece of grass.
12. I LOVE hockey, but other sports bore me to death.
13. I love bargain shopping. Well, shopping in general honestly. I don't care what I am buying but I love to browse!
14. I drive a burnt orange Honda Element named Cloud Rider.
15. I am very proud and greatful to be a Canadian.
16. I get jealous easily.
17. I am very shy and nervous when I meet new people for the first time.
18. I kick ass at karaoke.
19. I am a makeup artist, and have worked for almost every major line and done things like theatre posters, billboards, restaurant menus, fashion shows, local tv, etc.
20. I love guys wearing glasses.

So enough about me. I want to know - how is everyone dealing with the gas prices? It's well over $5 a gallon where I am and has been for a while. I live on an island so everything has to be driven here from the mainland and I notice the prices of everything going up. A 4L thing of milk is $7! I'm beginning to majorly stress about money. I am on maternity leave and not making a lot, and unfortunately wages here are nowhere near as good as what they were in Calgary. Matt is making less than half of what he made in Alberta. I hate being broke.. we seem to end up fighting a lot and I hate eating so much pasta all the time lol. Driving less is unfortunately not an option, and we have a vehicle that is fairly good on gas. I think the world is going to end or something soon, lol. Well not really, but this is not good and I don't see it getting better any time soon.


Ellie said...

Sounds interesting. I use to be shy when I was younger. I saw some of your creations and their really nice.

Angela V. said...

Have fun getting your house together, and I love hockey too! Especially live!

Carmen Olson said...

You sound a lot like me, I am shy til I get to know people, I am also hard on myself. Try to keep positive!

Sarah said...

What a great post - your scraproom sounds positively awesome! Love the pp on the door!

Helena said...

Omg what fantastic ideas you have, PLEASE remember to post a before and after of all the things that you do!!!!