Monday, June 2, 2008

Newest Creation

The lovely Michelle posted a little tutorial a while back on drawing and painting lettering on a layout... I tried it today. I wanted to do a LO using song lyrics and it seemed like a perfect technique!

I've never painted so much on a layout before. I also tried something new.. I bought a glue pen the other day and used it to doodle and then covered it in glitter. The '2008' and miscellaneous doodles are done using orange glitter. The strawberry sticker is by Martha Stewart Crafts. When I saw those stickers in the store I thought "WTF, a green strawberry, I'm never going to use that!" and it was the first one I used LOL!

I'm participating in a blogging challenge over on and today's challenge is to blog about something "hot" and what it means to you. I am assuming this refers to products or trends... but the first thing that popped into my head when I thought "hot" was how NOT HOT it has been here! I want to go to the freaking beach already, it's June!! Why do I live on an island with awesome beaches if it is just going to be cold and rainy?? I have cute little swimming trunks for Jude and matching little lime green baby gap sandals... but alas, they sit in a drawer, unused and sad :(

Something else not very hot right now is the state of my lone pair of jeans. The hems are all rippy from me stepping on them.. and I actually just got them tangled up in the wheel of the computer chair and fell on my ass trying to free myself. Jean shopping is apparently something I should no longer be putting off! Next time I'm going to break and arm or something, sheesh.

I'm going to end this blog by saying that you should read Matt's latest blog about his new/old job. I'm cracking up.


Me said...

Yeah, you should start looking. Don't settle. Get a pair you love just as much!

Off to read Matt's Blog!

Cute Pics!

Nancy said...

Fear not Chelsea, beach weather will come. It's still too early in the season for it. But come it will

Amy said...

Love the pages you did. It has not been hot enough here either to get in the pool that is waiting for us to get in, or should I say the dogs are waiting to get in is more like it!

Charity Sorrells said...

I just love looking at Michelle's creations! Nice job recreating!

Miss C said...

hey there, jumped over from forum...just wanted to say that I loooove your lettering painting! It looks great, is the tutorial still around???

Jerusha said...

Love that, it is awesome!!