Sunday, June 22, 2008

Awesome Times

So, our party last night went well. Everyone enjoyed my snacks and the Karaoke went over well. There were still four people here this morning at 10am so I think that signifies a sucess lol :) I think Matt is hurtin' pretty bad today tho. I am so happy to be getting to know people here and making new friends, and I'm really happy we moved here (it just took some getting used to in the beginning). It's great to be surrounded by wonderful people in such a beautiful place.

I went to breakfast and then to the flea market today with Sharlene and managed to find a few awesome things. Check out the cabinet shelf I got for $7

I'm going to re-paint it, but isn't it awesome?! It's going to be a perfect embellishment center. I also got a couple spools of vintage lace/ribbon.

I only paid $2 a roll for these and they each have 20 yards on them. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with the excess but I just thought they were too pretty to pass up. I also got a glass jar, a little ceramic unicorn, a couple baby toys for Jude, and the new issue of Domino Magazine. I'm definitely going back to that Flea market again next Sunday! oh! and yesterday we were driving by a garage sale and I spotted a long shelf I just had to have so I begged Matt to stop and I got the shelf for $8 and found a brand new unopened SNL Dvd Trivial Pursuit game for $5! This weekend was the weekend of awesome bargains :D

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Helena said...

I am loving the shelf unit, my what bargains you did find!!!!