Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sneak Peeks!!

A couple sneak peeks of some things I've been working on.... mostly of my craft room :)

One of the shelves I got for $0.99 at Value Village and painted white. It sits above a desk and above my Cricut machine.. I thought the cartridges looked nice on it.

Another $0.99 shelf, also painted white. I organized my buttons by color last night in little making memories jars that I got for 50% off at Michaels.

My new baby, the paper spinner. I found this at a LSS that is scaling back their scrapbook section.. It has two of these sections on each side (I only took a photo of the bottom one - the rack is actually quite tall), and little hooks where I can hang embellies and sticker packages. It only cost me $25!

New ribbon storage. I'm re-spooling all my ribbons into old fashioned clothes pegs that I found at the dollar atore and putting them in Candy jars. I have one jar filled about about 29290482348 ribbon rolls left to re-spool lol.

And finally, some polymer clay stuff I was working on last night.

Unfortunately, too much time spent in the crafting room lately has meant that the rest of my house has become terribly neglected. I have a bunch of crusty dishes waiting for me in addition to bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, and mopping. *sigh*


Me said...

Wow! So clean and neat! I wish! I got to get on it! I want my room to pretty too!

Angela V. said...

The laundry, dishes, vaccuming etc. can wait! The room looks so nice, and user friendly! What time should I come over? LOL!

aimee! said...


you should help me decorate our shithole...I mean apartment.

Courtney von T said...

I am so jealous!!! I can't wait to have a place to set up a craft room. I love the shelves and the clothing pin ribbon holders the most!
Your so creative!

Ellie said...

You have so many goodies.