Monday, June 23, 2008


OK.. so I don't normally get very excited over cricut catridges (to be honest I find most to be cheesy looking) but I WANT this one. It comes with pretty much a billion options and it is cute cute cute. Click the picture to see more details.. and check out the cute little birds and the fancy corners. I can't wait to own this one!! I hope they keep coming out with better catridges like they have been lately. I picked up indie art from Walmart recently and can't wait to use it.

Jude giggled today, for the first time! I just about died of happyness. It's such a complte joy every time he does something new.. and speaking of new, he is finally sleeping through the night. 6-7 hours at a time! I am so proud of my little man :) He is such a ladykiller. I can't get anything done when running errands because every second woman I walk by needs to stop and fuss over him. I think he's getting a bit of an ego ;) hehe.

My neighbors had another litter of kittens today... and I was so incredibly saddened to find that out. Normally, I would be overjoyed about new kittens but these neighbors already have 2 litters of young kittens that seem underfed and they are constantly roaming around the parking lot. When we leave doors open they run into our home and/or our car like they want to escape to somewhere better. The fluffy gray one saw me through my window and came up and started mewling at me, and it pretty much broke my heart. I think I am going to call animal control tomorrow anonyously. I really hate to have to resort to that but I truly believe these kittens need to be removed from these people (they will take them to the humane society). Luckily, our friend Jenna took one home after our party on Saturday but there are so many more that need people to love and care for them. I wish I could take them all in myself.

On a happier note, Scrapscene posted my letters tutorial! I love that website, I read it almost daily and am trying to read all of the archives as well (I'm on page 51 so far). Check it out and bookmark it if you haven't already. The best part is, the owner is a Canadian! Scrapping Cents also used my tutorial on their blog!


Lydia Siegel said...

OMGOSH! Now that one is so darn cute! I want one now!

Courtney von T said...

congrats on getting posted about on scrapscene! awesome! i love the shout out to jude too! :)

Helena said...

OOh well done on the tutorials, such a shame about the cats, but they do need better care and I would be doing the same as you are going to do!

The cricut looks cool!! I think that would be one that I would be getting too!

Amy said...

So thanks for the info about the cricut cartridge. I need that one!! Finally one that has some good things on it!!

Sallie said...

I do love that. I have a couple and after a while they can get boring. This is awesome.