Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 days until we leave for the wedding...

..and unfortunately, I'm sicker than ever. Starting to freak out a bit, but I finally got an appointment with my family dr. so I hope he can fix me! I'm in a lot of pain, which sucks. Due to the afforementioned, not much has been going on here at chez Ling. On Sunday, PEI caught the tail end of tropical storm Hannah and it resulted in about 3 inches (90 mm) of rain.

Took a quick trip to the flea market and picked up a couple things I'll post photos of later. I also managed to do a bit of yard-saling and took a trip to value village, so I have a few things to post. The most awesome find was a big pile of special edition Martha Stewart livings - like the holiday ones and decorating issues - all for $0.25 yay! Have also been working on my little entry way and progressing nicely... must catch up on taking photos!!

I am getting excited for the Alberta trip/Wedding, but I am soooooooooooo tired of all of the planning. I am starting to feel slightly regretful, wishing I had taken the money spent on the wedding and gone away on a trip or something and just eloped. So, I really hope the wedding is worth everything. A lot of money and sweat equity has gone into this one day, and to end up looking back and regretting it would really suck. Here's hoping everything is amazing :)

I took some pictures of the invites the other day.. so I'm going to close this post up by sharing them:

click to see the larger imageclick to see the larger image

There are a few more images on my Flickr Photostream


Melissa said...

Wow! Those invitations are gorgeous!

I hope that you're able to get that kidney infection beat down and get on the road to being healthy again. :( I would hate that you weren't able to enjoy your wedding because of being sick.

And it will be worth it. :) You won't regret it. You'll have a ton of fun and it will be the second happiest day of your life (only behind giving birth to your son).

Sending positive vibes your way so you can get on the mend! :)

LylĂș said...

what a beautiful blog., I´m gonna link it ok? kisses

Elisa P. said...

love your blog !!!!!!!!!!

Cheri Wenger said...

Very cool invitations. Don't fret about your wedding day...even if it isn't perfection, it will be as special as you make it. Thanks for your email. Cool blog! My blog is cwartz1.blogspot.com if you want to pop by.

Marta said...

I loved your blog and those invitations are beautiful!!!Tks to visite my flickr..kisses!

Lovey said...

You write very well.