Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Currently Lusting..

A filing cabinet. I have too much paperwork now to be contained in my little accordian file! Plus I want to organize things like paper scraps, and inspirational magazine clippings in something too (maybe I could get binders for that - that means I'm lusting binders too).

Curtain rods? A bit odd, I know, but Martha Stewart talked about how to make a canopy bed out of curtain rods and panels and now I want to do it like nobody's business!! So I need four curtain rods, and 8 panels... $$$ :(

A cute end table for my entryway in progress that I blogged about yesterday. Something with a drawer or two and possibly a low shelf. Ideally, like this one.

Bookcases! I want one to go in the hall closet and one to go in the studio closet. I desperately need more storage.. have been trying to get them on freecycle and though a bunch of bookcases have been listed lately, I keep missing them. I suck at freecycle!

Vintage pink and blue Pyrex. It's so cute.. why don't they make designs like this anymore?? *swoon*

And lusting many more things, but I don't have the time to post about evvvverrrything - you'd be here for years reading just this one post, lol! :) I am off to the DR. today and he had better figure out what the heck is wrong with me and fix it damn quick because this girl needs to get married and not be sick!

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Lily said...

you are a woman of varied tastes!