Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photo Wednesday? lol

I had to bribe Matt to give me the laptop by promising to talk about the Blue Jays on my blog, so - here you go Matt ;)

The blue jays have won ten consecutive games in a row and he thinks they might have a chance to make it into the playoffs. They are his favorite team, so he's naturally very excited about this prospect.

Now onto the fun stuff - Photos!! I took a bunch of photos today (finally). I was even able to make a small paper craft now that my space is a bit tidier, and I cleaned up my supplies after I was done. I really wanted to just leave them on the desk, but I am commited to trying to keep the studio tidy now. Enough chatter, let's see the pictures :)

Some polymer clay buttons I have on the go. I've developed a good system and can make them pretty quickly. I hope to paint some nice designs on them and then glaze them and offer packages in the Paper*Cakes etsy shop.

The little craft I spoke about earlier.. just a little tag. I had this pre-made tag in a drawer, and just worked off of the blue background color. It seems boy themed, maybe for a birthday gift for a little boy or a shower gift for a mom expecting a boy. The back is completely finished and professional, with a place to write. The tag itself is oversized, so it can be used as a card/tag in one.

Lastly.. I've been working on a little 'entryway' station. It's actually on a wall in my living room (the stairs are behind) just before the entrance to the kitchen. (When you walk into our home, you basially walk into the living room. We have a teeny townhouse.) I wanted to create a little nook where people could sit and put on shoes, while having jackets and bags handy. I found the boards with hooks in them at a discount store for $2.99 each and painted them red. My hope is to make a cushion for the bench, get a little end table to sit where the laundry basket is in the photos, and maybe hang a few pictures above the rows of hooks. For now it works :)

Click HERE to visit my flickr account and see a few more detail shots and additional projects. I have also been uploading flea market finds and a few shots of Jude.

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Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute buttons!! love the tag!! xoxo Britt :-)